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Product Detail : Procurement of 170 lines of mafi spares - modified 48w dichroic lamp, 200w 6.6/6.6a isolating transformer, 100w 6.6/6.6a isolating transformer, o-ring gasket 145, 64 x3, 53 silicon for centreline lights (idm 4582), 300w 6.6/6.6a isolating transformer, secondary cable, lamp 105w 6.6a for runway edge inset (inl-re), led module, touchdown zone white unidirectional light inset with 8 inch shallow base, complete aln fitting, cat-ii approach light white unidirectional elevated, with 200w halogen lamp, ci transformer housing, taxiway edge lights elevated, bidirectional runway c/r inset lights with 8 inch shallow base, bidirectional runway c/c inset light with 8 inch shallow base, lamp holder suitable for bi-pin halogen lamp, 45w 6.6/6.6a isolating transformers, clear main runway lights and approach lights, blue lens, 200w 6.6a bi-pin halogen lamp, yellow runway edge lights, lamp 45 w, 6.6a halogen, cat ii approach light white unidirectional inset with 12 inch shallow base, side row barrettes unidirectional red inset lights with12 inch shallow base, breakable coupling for apn fitting, outer smooth clear lens, breakable coupling, prism, for rcl "cl" for centreline lights (idm 4582), green/red threshold lights, inner 360° clear lens, frangible bolts of electrical panel, glass dome, filter, dat 72 data tape, head set with mic, spreader lens clear for approach fitting, inner 180° clear lens (l), remote display unit, 15 a fuse, 100ma fuse, dat 72 cleaning tape, inner 180° yellow lens (l), upper breakable coupling, power unit for ccr (idm 8000), wi fi (make engenius model enh 202, sideband antenna/element, receiver, inner 180° yellow lens (r), dc power supply, receiver side signal processing pcb, main photo detector pcb, inner 180° clear lens (r), digital communication device (data radio), t3 voltage transformer for 10 kva ccr, remote control ass, local status indicator/dual (lsi), t3 voltage transformer for 4 kva ccr, hardware display module, moxa card nport ia 5150-s-sc, spreader lens red for stopway end fitting, slip ring set, transmitter side signal processing pcb, power amplifier pcb(rvr,drishti), ethemet (rs-485) serial convertor, transponder (rf unit), interference colour filter 47, 5x26, 5x1mm red for centreline lights (idm 4582), lower breakable coupling, main switch ot125f3, runway overrun edge inset b/r, operator i/f unit, rt mux card for mafi (with dc-dc converter module), riu for tx, antenna feed cable, riu extn-t, dme hp 6.3a fuse, dme hp 15a fuse, dme hp 100ma fuse, dme lp 15 a fuse, dme lp 100 ma fuse, dme lp 6.3a fuse, nimh battery pack, cb sp 5 amp, rem ctrl. a., remp front. p., battery charger, multicast forwarder, light source sub assy, cooling fan unit for controller, antenna interface, standard remote control interface (idm 8000-s1m=serial interface modbus tcp), t3 voltage transformer for 25 kva ccr, dme lp 100 ma fuse, rvr power supply module mdr 40-12, reference detector assembly, remote status panel, monitor, spreader lens green for threshold fitting, t3 voltage transformer for 20 kva ccr, rms ass, dme hp local status indicator unit, block-up converter, intrasensor communication cable set, thyristor unit(skkt 92/12e), riu, main switch ot63f3/ot80f3, taxiway edge inset light, turning pad inset light, tx contr assy, remote indicator unit, 1.2 meter celero flyaway antenna, integrated access router netperformer 9220, tx unit, rx unit, background luminance meter, rvr sensor master controller, transmitter fan unit, system interface, fan unit, keyer interface (ancillary interface), power connection, battery charger, slave status panel(slave panel), keyer interface, dme (lp/hp) power supply, dme lp remote indicator unit, single mode fibre interface, remote control assembly, high power amplifier, auxiliary contact(7350/m221/zp-lhk), lcd display unit witrh keyboard(idm8000-05c), automatic fuse(1c25/mc125e/pls6-c25), t3 voltage transformer for 15 kva ccr, secondary lead for approach inset light (inlapc and inlaps), monitor, conn interf board, keyer interface, satellite router i direct 5350, replacement milspec connectors (spare connector), background luminance sensor, side band amplifier unit, transmitter dc dc unit, antenna monitor and control unit, monitor combining unit (mcu), rf-oscillator (loc), dme hp system interface, distribution unit, dme lp monitor, dme lp remote status panel, power supply module mdr 120-12, rvr power supply module mdr 100-12, crio data acquisition system, wireless radio, input/output unit, car unit, connection interface assembly, control unit, pre selector auto tune, fuse 0.44a, 1000.0v fast acting, fuse 11.0a, 1000.0v fast acting, lcd display, dme hp transfer unit, dme hp monitor rfg, light receiver sub assy, dc dc unit ( for contrller), pin unit (diode switch), impedance matching unit, sg unit (signal generator unit), central processing unit, test signal generator unit, main power supply.
Document Sale To : 18-1-2022 at 10:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Delhi - India
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Tender Closing Date : 15/03/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 17/03/2022 at 10:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Security Services - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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