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Product Detail : Supply of laboratory consumables - dimension â®glucose flex â®(gluc) tests 1440, dimension â®urea nitrogen flex â®(bun) tests 480, dimension â®creatinine flex â®(cre2) tests 480, dimension â®uric acid flex â®(urca) tests 480, dimension â®calcium flexâ® (ca) tests 480, dimension â®total bilirubin flex â®(tbi) tests 480, dimension â®direct bilirubin flex â®(dbi) tests 320, dimension â®total protein flex â®(tp) tests 480, dimension â®albumin flex â®(alb) tests 480, dimension â®alanine aminotransferase flex â®(alti) tests 240, dimension â®aspartate aminotransferase flex â®(ast) tests 360, dimension â®alkaline phosphatase flex â®(alpi) tests 360, dimension â®î³-glutamyl transferase flex â®(ggt) tests 288, dimension â®cholosterol flex â®(chol) tests 480, dimension â®triglycerides flex â®(tgl) tests 480, dimension â®automated hdl cholesterol flex â®(ahdl) tests 240, dimension â®urinary/cerebrospinal fluid protein flex â®(ucfp) tests 80, dimension â®amylase flex â®(amy) tests 240, dimension â®lipase flex â®(lipl) tests 120, dimension â®hemoglobin a1c kit(hb1c) tests 120, dimension â®ahdl calibrator (ahdlcal) ml 2x3x1, dimension â®bilirubin calibrator (tbi/dbical) ml 2x3x1.0, dimension â®chemistryi calibrator (chemical) ml 2x3x2, dimension â®chemistryii calibrator (chemiical) ml 2x3x1.2, dimension â®cholesterol calibrator (cholcal) ml 2x3x1.0, dimension â®enzyme verifier ml 2x3x2.0, dimension â®lipase calibrator(liplcal) ml 2x3x1.0, dimension â®totalprotein/albumin calibrator (tp/albcal) ml 2x3x2.0, dimension â®urinary/cerebrospinal fluidprotein calibrator (ucfpcal) ml 2x5x4, dimension â®alkaline phosphatase calibrator (alpical) ml 2x3x1.0, dimension â®enzymeii calibrator (enziical) ml 2x3x1.5, dimension â®cuvette cartridge n 12000, quiklyte â®integrated multisensor pack 1x4, quiklyte â®integrated multisensor flush solution ml 1x1000, quiklyte â®integrated multisensor sample diluent ml 6x500, quiklyte â®integrated multisensor standarda ml 3x1000, quiklyte â®integrated multisensor standardb ml 3x300, dimension â®salt bridge solution pack 3x150, dimension â®sample cupwith lids1.5ml pack 1, dimension â®cki/mbi calibrator (cki/mbical) ml 4x2.0, dimension â®creatine kinase mb flexâ®(mbi) tests 120, dimension â®creatine kinase flex â®(cki) tests 480, dimension â®enzymei calibrator (enzical) ml 4x1.5, dimension â®lactate dehydrogenase flex â®(ldi) tests 480, dimension â®loci vitamin d total (vitd) tests 200 , dimension â®loci vitamin d calibrator (loci vitd cal) box 1 , dimension â®totaliron binding capacity (ibct) calibrator (ibctcal) pack 6x1.0, dimension â®total iron binding capacity flexâ®(ibct) tests 240, dimension â®ferritin flex â®(ferr) tests 120, dimension â®ferritin calibrator (ferrcal) ml 10x2.0, dimension â®iron flex â®(iron) tests 240, dimension â®iron calibrator (ironcal) ml 4x1.2, dimension â®phosphorus flexâ® (phos) tests 480, quiklyte â®integrated multisensor dilution check ml 1x50, dimension â®chemistry wash pack 1, dimension â®reagent probe cleaner pack 1, dimension â®sample probe cleaner pack 1, sample probetips (pkg3) (ueg734520.503 ), reagent probetip (2) kit 1 (ueg715871.505), assy exlwaste tubing pack 1, svsp source lamp aligned kit 1 (ueg716762.504), generic pm kit dimension exl 200 kit 1 , dimension â®loci free triiodothyronine flexâ® (ft3) pack 1, dimension â®loci free thyroxine flex â®(ft4l) pack 1, dimension â®loci thyroid stimulating hormone flex â®(tshl) pack 1, dimension â®loci thyroid calibrator (loci thyr cal) box 1.
Tender Location : Rajasthan - India
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Tender EMD : INR 100799
Tender Closing Date : 13/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 13/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Security Services - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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