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Tender Corrigendum :
Tender CorrigendumDeadline has been changes from Jul 5 2022 12:00AM to Jul 13 2022 12:00AM
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Tender CorrigendumDeadline has been changes from Jun 27 2022 12:00AM to Jul 5 2022 12:00AM
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Tender Corrigendum PublicationCompany Web Site - Internet
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Product Detail : Supply of lab items benzoic acid (loba chemicals), borax (loba chemicals), ferrous sulphide sticks (loba chemicals), ferrous sulphate (loba chemicals), ferrous ammonium sulphate (loba chemicals), ferric chloride (loba chemicals), iodine crystal (loba chemicals), oxalic acid (loba chemicals), potassium iodide (loba chemicals), sodium metal (loba chemicals), sodium chloride (loba chemicals), sodium hydroxide (loba chemicals), sodium carbonate (loba chemicals), magnesium sulphate (loba chemicals), molish reagent (loba chemicals), nesslers reagent (loba chemicals), schiff reagent (loba chemicals), paraffin liquid (loba chemicals), sulphur powder (loba chemicals), magnesium ribbon (loba chemicals), starch powder (loba chemicals), barium chloride (loba chemicals), silver nitrate solution (loba chemicals), cobalt nitrate (loba chemicals), lead acetate paper (loba chemicals), aluminium sulphate (loba chemicals), lead acetate (loba chemicals), lead sulphate (loba chemicals), ammonium chloride (loba chemicals), ammonium carbonate (loba chemicals), bromine water (loba chemicals), potassium alum (loba chemicals), potassium ferrocyanide (loba chemicals), zinc chloride (loba chemicals), copper sulphate (loba chemicals), 2,4- dnp (loba chemicals), ninhydrin solution (loba chemicals), potassium iodide solution (loba chemicals), phenolpthalein solution (loba chemicals), isopropanol (merck), meta dinitrobenzene (loba chemicals), ethyl alcohol (merck), methanol (merck), acetone (merck), sulphuric acid (merck), hydrochloric acid (merck), pipette 10 ml glass (merck), evaporating dish 3" dia (borosil), funnel 3" dia glass (borosil), test tube 5*5/8 fine glass (borosil), conical flask 100 ml borosil (borosil), beaker 250 ml borosil (borosil), beaker 500 ml borosil (borosil), volumetric flask 100 ml glass (borosil), volumetric flask 250 ml glass (borosil), volumetric flask 500 ml glass (borosil), burette 25 ml glass (borosil), washbottle 250 ml polythene (borosil), glass rod stirrer (borosil), thistle funnel borosil (borosil), measuring cylinder 10 ml (borosil), measuring cylinder 50 ml (borosil), reagent bottle 500 ml narrow mouth (borosil), kipps apparatus polyethylene (borosil), watch glass 4" dia (borosil), thermometer 100 c (borosil), thermometer 360 c (borosil), platinum wire (borosil), test tube holder (borosil), crucible tongs 6" long (borosil), spatull s.s (borosil), dropper with rubber teat (borosil), wire gauge with frame (borosil), dimineralised water (merck), chromatography paper standarad (loba chemicals), chromatography jar (borosil), retort stand with clamp (borosil), charcoal block (loba chemicals), periodic table chart (borosil), physics lab equipement (2022-23), electrolytic capacitors kit of different values , resistors kit of different values, diodes 1n4007 multi purpose , convex lens small focal length (+30cm), convex lens large focal length (+15 cm), concave lens small focal length (-15cm), glass slab , sliding rheostat value- 100 ohm, travelling microscope, prism, p n junction diode apparatus, micrometer screw guage 0-25mm, vernier callipers, spring balance 500g, sonometer , light dependent resistor(ldr) sensor, light emitting diode (led) different colours, measuring cylinder 100 ml borosil material, helical spring length of 1meter, series and parallel resistor circuit kit, optical bench, spherometer, inclined plane apparatus with protactor and pully and pan, parallalogram apparatus, young's modulus apparatus, calorimeter, tunning fork different frequency set, weight box set, meterbridge, potentiometer (10 m wire), battery eliminator (2v-12v), galvanometer(30-0-30), voltmeter (range 0-5 v), voltmeter (range 0-30 v), ameter (range 0-10 milli ampere), concave mirror, convex mirror, rechargable leser light green 500 mw, magnifying glass with light/led, liquid lens apparatus, nichrome wire 10m, copper sulphate 1 kg, ammonium chloride 1 kg, multimeter, biolab equipement (2022-23), human skeleton adult model 180 cm optical pvc., human eye model, human ear model, plant cell model, animal cell model, human body system charts set., typical flower model, human heart model, chloroform, cover slip, glass slides, permenent microslide, surgical spirit, blotting paper sheet, spirit lamp glass hexagonal, petri dish, sterrer, blood pressure apparatus , ethyl alcohol , wire guage with frame, universal indicator, beaker 100 ml, beaker 250 ml, pipette 10 ml, measuring cylinder 100ml, measuring cylinder 200ml, glass funnel, dissecting needle, forcep middle size, dissecting scissor, filter paper box, 10 middle size preserved animal specimen with glass jar, dropper, chromatography glass jars., mathematics lab equipement (2022-23), data collection board with data cubes, x and y axis co-ordinate geoboard, number planet, circular geo board, trigonometry board, algebra magnetic tiles, fraction bar magnetic, conic section with standard equation, arithmetic progression magnetic tiles, pascal triangle kit in jawahar navodaya
Document Sale To : 27-6-2022 at 17:30 Hrs
Tender Location : Maharashtra - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender EMD : 5000
Tender Document Fees : 200
Tender Closing Date : 13/07/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 15/07/2022 at 11:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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