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Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 50206218
Closing Date 27 - Jul - 2022  |  27 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of side wall assembly for wag-9hc loco #1 set of rotor stamping for 3 phase #1 stainless steel pressed section #1 set of fabricated items for wag-9hc loco #1 side sill assly. for wag-9 #1 silicon rubber component elastosil rt- 622a of wacker metroark chemicals or equivalent, #1 silicon rubber component elastosil rt-622b of wacker metroark chemicals #1imeem aluminium sheets & plates #1 Gasket for brake cylinder for wag-9hc & wap-7
Sector Dam Work Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 50418428
Closing Date 06 - Jul - 2022  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of special type of different type spares - t-bolt with hexagon nut for 300 nb &400 nb ci gate valve .size: m16x100 with ""t, t-bolt with hexagon nut for 200 nb & 250 nb ci gate valve .size: m12x100 with ""t, fire hydrant valve washer or Gasket (size:81 mm, moc: rubber), c.i. hand wheel with nut & washer - for fire hydrant landing valve; sq. hole - (16 mmx16 mm) towards valve and sq. hole - (14 mmx14 mm) away from valve, pvc valve size-25mm for chlorination plant under plant water system, pvc valve both side internal thread (size: 20 mm) for chlorination water system., pvc- ball valve-size-15nb, ss 316 strainer for y-type strainer , size nb: 25,end connection: screwed female end, ball valve inside thread (size: 25 mm , moc: ss 316), ball valve inside thread (size: 20 mm , moc: ss 316), ball valve inside thread (size : 15 mm ,moc: ss 316), y strainer with flange end flange connection (size : 50 mm , body of moc:ss 316, screen of moc: ss316 ), restriction bush of cw 1 q pump ( size:id-175 mm,od-235 mm,thickness at od -8 mm, thickness at id-15 mm, pcd-225 mm, hole -06 nos.(moc: gun metal), ball of air release valve for both cw and acw discharge line (size:150mm ,moc:wood with cover of neoprene rubber ), special type Gasket (moc: neoprene rubber ) for 200 nb air release valve for acw and cw pump discharge line., special type Gasket (moc: neoprene rubber ) for 150 nb air release valve for acw and cw pump discharge line., special type door seal (moc: neoprene rubber ) for 150 nb butter fly valve of air release valve at cw and acw discharge line., adjusting nut for acw thrust stand assembly.(part no. 10,moc: m. s.), manual liver type pvc ball valve (size:40 mm ) for handling of chemical/ hcl acid., manual liver type pvc ball valve (size:50 mm ) for handling of chemical/ hcl acid at water package site, dstps, andal.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50237187
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
24k hourly routines on 01 da in ship - diesel alternator. disman+c2:c18tle auxiliary drives and check bearing clearances. renew bearings if necessary. examine all gear teeth for pitting and scuffing.vta1710.24000h1, diesel alternator. renew big end bearings, their bolts, nuts and washers.vta1710.24000h2, diesel alternator. check main bearing clearances and examine the condition. renew bearing if clearances are excessive.vta1710.24000h3.. , diesel alternator. remove, clean and examine all cylinder liners for scoring and corrosion. gauge liners internally. renew if necessary.vta1710.24000h4.. , diesel alternator. clean all water passages. renew all sealing rings.vta1710.24000h5.. , diesel alternator. examine and gauge all pistons. renew pistons if necessary. vta1710.24000h6.. , diesel alternator. renew all piston rings.vta1710.24000h7.. , diesel alternator. remove crankshaft and check for cracks, scoring and deflection, (eccentricity). clean and flush out oil ways. renew teflon seals.vta1710.24000h8.. , diesel alternator. overhaul governor. renew worn out parts. calibrate governor after completion of overhauling.vta1710.24000h9.. , diesel alternator. (a) remove and chemically clean lub oil cooler and fresh water cooler and carry out pressure testing. replace if required. (b) renew Gasket and `o' seals.vta1710.24000h10.. , diesel alternator. refit cam shaft drive assembly.vta1710.24000h12.. , diesel alternator. check all camshaft bearing clearances. renew if necessary. check valve timing.vta1710.24000h13.. , diesel alternator. check all connecting rods for bend and twist. clean and flush out oil passages.vta1710.24000h14.. , diesel alternator. renew hp fuel pump.vta1710.24000h15.. , diesel alternator. remove, clean and retreat the crankcase. vta1710.24000h16.. , diesel alternator. clean and repaint bedplate.vta1710.24000h17.. , diesel alternator. renew all flexible hoses.vta1710.24000h18.. , diesel alternator. gauge all gudgeon pins. replace if wear is excessive.vta1710.24000h19.. , diesel alternator. renew s.v. mountings.vta1710.24000h20.. , diesel alternator. overhaul turbo supercharger. renew entire unit if parts are excessively worn out.vta1710.24000h21.. , diesel alternator. remove air cooler, chemically clean and pressure test on completion of cleaning. replace if required. vta1710.24000h22.. , diesel alternator. overhaul air starting motor. renew worn partsvta1710.24000h23.. , diesel alternator. renew silicon vibration damper where fitted.vta1710.24000h24.. , diesel alternator. overhaul/renew holset/vulcan/centamax coupling as necessary. renew the rubber inserts/ member of the flexible coupling. renew all fasteners /bolts while assembling the coupling as per oem recommended procedure. carry out engine to alternator alignment pro. vta 1710., mandatory spare. liner,cylinder. part no-3241328., mandatory spare. damper,vibration. part no-193552., mandatory spare. camshaft. part no-4073133., mandatory spare. camshaft. part no-4073134., mandatory spare. bearing,thrust. part no-9235 1., mandatory spare. bushing. part no-70437., mandatory spare. kit piston asse.&ring set. part no-kit3880625., mandatory spare. set main bear..std.. part no-kitar 4220., mandatory spare. bushing. part no-187420., mandatory spare. bearing,connecting rod. part no-200600., mandatory spare. bolt,connecting rod. part no-146856., mandatory spare. nut,heavy hexagon. part no-69936., mandatory spare. washer,plain. part no-3025100., mandatory spare. collet,valve. part no-127554., mandatory spare. valve,exhaust. part no-145701., mandatory spare. guide,valve spring. part no-170296., mandatory spare. guide,valve spring. part no-172034., mandatory spare. spring,valve. part no-211999., mandatory spare. valve,intake. part no-135957., mandatory spare. insert,valve. part no-127930., mandatory spare. guide,valve stem. part no-3006456., mandatory spare. insert,valve. part no-3872815., mandatory spare. guide,valve crosshead. part no-123558., mandatory spare. retainer,valve spring. part no-219091., mandatory spare. sleeve,injector. part no-3406702., mandatory spare. seal,o ring. part no-3007759., mandatory spare. screw,slotted set. part no-168306., mandatory spare. nut,regular hexagon. part no-s 212., mandatory spare. screw,hexagon head cap. part no-108601., mandatory spare. screw,captive washer cap. part no-3042889., mandatory spare. shaft,rocker lever. part no-bm71481., mandatory spare. bushing. part no-140330., mandatory spare. bushing. part no-218153., mandatory spare. plug,expansion. part no-175830., mandatory spare. tappet,injector. part no-4071619., mandatory spare. tappet,valve. part no-4071615., mandatory spare. rod,push. part no-3046419., mandatory spare. rod,push. part no-3046432., mandatory spare. thermostat. part no-135675., mandatory spare. seal,thermostat. part no-186780., mandatory spare. hose,plain. part no-3017278., mandatory spare. clamp,hose. part no-43828 d., mandatory spare. Gasket,thermostat housing. part no-102867., mandatory spar
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