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Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 51951502
Closing Date 31 - Aug - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Job work - roller reshelling, balancing, boiler ibr work, chemical cleaning, valve repairing, boiler refractory work, m.s. fabricated pipe & pipe erection. #*. overhauling weigh bridge, air compressor, d.m. plant, acfc, d.c. motor, d.c. drive, plc system, water imbibitions, distillery plc & field instrument. all turbine vfd, plc, kec, ifc panel, prd system work, turbine reblading work, gunmetal material, remolding/recasting, lagging rubber belt, jointing, motor/rotor/stator rewinding overhauling mill realignment job work, hydraulic cap servicing. #*. providing of goods/spares/chemical - boiler tube cleaning equipments, boiler & chemical paint, iron & steel, trash & scraper plate, chain & chain spares, m.s. fab, rake, slale, cane cutting knives, hammers, tips, sprocket pinion, m.s. & special welding rods & welding material, work shop tools, m.s., g.i, s.s. & c.i. pipes & pipe fittings, mechanical seals, all turbine spares, acb avr, plc, vfd panel, kec iec motor spares, c.i., c.s., g.m. ibr & fab valves, bearing, kirloskar, mather platt, gita, max. ebera, ksb pump spares, i.r., kirloskar chicago compressor spares, elecon, radicon, alride, cyclo, gear box & spares, acfc mass flow drum level water imbibition system spares, packing jointing, rubber goods, rubber belt conveyor belt, hardware material, nut bolts & special nut bolts, hydro lick puller, oxygen - acetylene gas, couplings, s.s. tubes, krup., nhec c/f spares, nickel, brass, s.s. screens & wire netting, heavy & process, lab chemical & apparatus, hdpe tarpoline, engg. & agril. wire ropes, bamboo mats, bamboo, plastic tent & knives, spares & tyre, tube for bullock cart, hose pipes, oils & lubricant special grease, siemens, l & t, material, cable & capacitor, m.s., pvc binding wire silo spares, lighting material, distillery chemicals, wire cable, capacitor, cooling water, boiler water, d.m. plant treatment chemical, distillery & bio-compost chemical, m.s./ p.v.c. binding wire all type of gauges and gauge Glass.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 52008693
Closing Date 26 - Aug - 2022  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of miscellaneous stationery items, hygiene items, utensils, hardware items, computer accessories, attendance register, alpine, arch lever file, battery, bill folder, binder clip, binding register, box file, calculator, calling bell, carbon paper, cash book, cello tape, cling wrap, colour chat, colour paper, cotton tag, crayons, crepe paper roll, dak pad, dispatch register, double punch machine, envelope, eraser, fabric colour, fevicol, file board, flag, flat file, flip chart, fluorescent paper, geometry box, glitter, glitter foam sheet, globe, glue stick bottle, hard board, highlighter pen, james clips, label sticker, ledger book, marker pen, note pad, note sheet, paper, paper cutter, paper cutter knife, pen, pencil, pencil battery, photo paper, plastic folder, political map, ribbons for gift wrap, rubber band, scale, scissors, section diary, sharpener, single punch machine, sketch pen, staple gun, stapler machine, stapler pin, stick file, stock register, thermal bill roll, thumb pin, transparent tape, white board duster, white board with stand, white chart paper, wrapping paper, acetone (chemical) air diffuser (freshener), air pocket, ala, ammonia, ammyle acetone, bathroom scrubber, bathroom scrubber brush, bathroom wiper, blue tack, brass brass / matel polish, citronella, colin, cotton roll, detergent, dust control mop, dust pan, electronic mosquito machine, floor dry mop, garbage bags, garbage bags, gloves surgical, glycerine, hand wash liquid, harpic, hit spray, ir thermometer, leather / vinyl polish, mask, micro fibre duster, mosquito coil, mosquito refill, nepheline balls, odonil, oximeter, phenyl, air diffuser, room freshener, sanitizer, silvo matel polish, soap, surgical mask, taski r, tiles cleaner, vim bar soap, vinegar, waste paper dustbin, wood polish, york floor cleaning, aam panna, amul chocozoo, amul rejoice assorted chocolates, angustura, apple juice, assam tea, baskerville, black olives, blue curacao, bourbon, bournville, britannia bourbon, britannia cake, britannia gobbles fruit cake, britannia good day biscuit, britannia nutri choice digestive high fibre biscuits, butter, butter cookies, camomile tea, chat masala, cheese, cherry, chilli flakes, chilli sauce, choco chip cookie, chocolate syrup, coconut milk, coffee, coke, cold drinks, cookies, corriander leaves, cranberry juice, cream, ctc tea bag, ctc tea leaf, dairy milk, darjeeling tea, dark chocolate, dates, demerara sugar, diet coke, dry fresh kaju, earl grey tea, energy drink, fanta, ferrero rocher, five star, funfill rich chocolate, good day biscuits, green apple, gree olives, green tea, haldiram alu bhujia, honey, horlicks biscuit, horse radish sauce, hp sauce ice cream, ice cream, jam, jasmine, kaju katli, kiwi flavoured, kuch kuch mixure, little hearts, mango juice, marie biscuit, marie gold biscuit, marmalade, mayonnaise, milano cookies, milk, milk powder, mojito mint flavouring, mustard oil, nice time biscuit, orange crush, orange juice, oregano, oreo, pineapple juice, respberry flavouring, roasted and salted pistachios, roasted cashew nut packets, salt, soda, soya sauce, sprite, strawberry, sugar, sugar cube, tartar sauce, tea ctc, tobasco sauce, tomato ketchup bottle, unibic, vinegar, wall nut, watermelon, white sugar sachet, worchesshire sauce, broomstick, door closer, door mate, gi pipe, Glass wiper, lock and key, looking mirror, measuring tape metal, paint brush, plastic bucket, plastic mug, steel almira, steel bowl, water filter, american try, angles wing wine opener, bar floor mat, bath towels, bottle opener, bowl, box, bud vase, buffet serving ladle, butter knife, cloth duster, cocktail straws, coffee mug, bundle coil, coloured stones, cork, cruet set, cup plate, cutter spoon, disposable tea cup, doily paper, drinking water Glass, electronic cattle, face towels, flask, funnel, half plate, hand towel, juggling bottle, kitchen order ticket, knife, lint free cloth, liquid shoe polish, marbel paper, mesh strainer, monkey bowl, m seal, multipurpose tool kit, non stick frying pan, pepper miller, place mats, plastic tray, quarter plate, rice dish, rice spoon, rongoli, room service trolley, service spoon, shoe brush, snacks platter, soup taurine ladel, spray paint, storage box container, tall flower vas cylindrical, tea pot, tea spoon, tissue paper, tongs, wine cradne, wine decanter, astringent, body talcum powder, bowl, base coat, skirting clothes, body scrub, blusher, bob pins, cleansing lotion, cotton roll, cutical cream, clay pakc, cling film, surgical face mask, disposable bed sheets, disposable undergarment, disposable slippers, diffuser lamp, diffuser oil, diffuser oil, dustbin, eyeborw p-encil, eye lash curler, eye lashes, facial scrub, face massage cream, face massage gel, fruit face pack, face pack powder, face pack cream based, face pack brush, facial gown, gauge, glow pack, gel eyeliner, hand sanitiser, hand wash, hand gloves, hydrogen peroxide, hand and foot scrub, hot wax, head bands, hair spray, hair mous
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 52205020
Closing Date 24 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Glass wares and chemicals micropipettes full set (3) with tips of all sizes,eppendorf tubes/ centrifuge tubes all sizes,borosil conical flasks 1l, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml,petri dishes both Glass and disposable,borosil beakers 1l, 500 ml, 250 ml,measuring cylinders 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml,culture tubes - borosil,test tubes 10ml, 6ml, parafilm roll,bsa fraction v loba or sigma,sds,temed,edta,acrylamide, bis acrylamide, b-mercaptoethanol,bromophenol blue, tris base,hydrochloric acid,50% glycerol,glycine,gel staining trays, auxin, gibberellin hormones,triphenyl tetrazolium chloride,petroleum ether,methanol,capillary tubes,chromatography papers,coomassie blue,tarson stoppered tubes 10ml, 20ml both round bottomed and conical,silver nitrate,pbs 100 gms ph 7 2+-0,acetone for chromatographym,acetic acid for chromatography,butanol for chromatography,ninhydrin powder,ninhydrin sprayer,trypan blue, ph paper 6 - 8 & 4-10,sudan iii dye,lactophenol cotton blue,urea kit dam,ouchterlony double diffusion kit.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 52068731
Closing Date 23 - Aug - 2022  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
976-04 chemical and manufacturing items purchase (oem or auhtorised dealer) - hand wire brush with wooden handle. make-standard quality, digital ph meter make-make-systronics, ph electrode make-make-systronics, tca solution make-standard quality, supercel make-standard quality, brix spindle at 20*c (with temperature) 0 - 10* make-standard quality, brix spindle at 20*c (with temperature) 10 - 20* make-standard quality, brix spindle at 20*c (with temperature) 20 - 30* make-standard quality, phynolphthline indicator soln. make-standard quality, buffer capsuls 7 ph make-manufacture/authroized dealer, buffer capsuls 4 ph make-manufacture/authroized dealer, beaker 250 ml (polythen ) make-standard quality, beaker 500 ml (polythen ) make-standard quality, beaker 1000 ml (polythen ) make-standard quality, measuring cylender 1000 ml (polythen) make-standard quality, beaker 100 ml (borocil) make-standard quality, beaker 500 ml (borocil) make-standard quality, conical flask 250 ml (borocil) make-standard quality, hand brix refracto meter (brix range 0 - 45%) make-erma inc. make-standard quality, universal ph indicator solution make-standard quality, test tube make-standard quality, test tube cleaning brush make-standard quality, watch Glass - flate (for pan use) make-standard quality, sugar grading all mess set make-standard quality, lime beaumy hydrometer (1 to 10 beaumy) make-standard quality, stander ph paper, make-qualigens(indikrom papers) make-standard quality, whatman filter paper no-42 make-standard quality, cuvette(rectangular cell) for sucropol size-05 cm make-standard quality, ammonium molybdate solution make-standard quality, liquor ammonia make-standard quality, Glass rod make-standard quality, brass buame(0-10) make-standard quality, brass buame(10-20) make-standard quality, brass buame(20-30) make-standard quality, lead-sub acetate make-standard quality, 0.25 n potassium dichromate make-standard quality, 0.25 ferrous ammonium sulphate. make-standard quality, ferrion indicator solution. make-standard quality, phosphate buffer. make-standard quality, magnisium sulphate . make-standard quality, maanese sulphate(mnso4.h2o) make-standard quality, calcium chloride solution. make-standard quality, ferric chloride solid. make-standard quality, 1 n naoh solution. make-standard quality, 1 n h2so4 solution. make-standard quality, bod bottles. 500 ml. make-standard quality, nan3 solid. make-standard quality, sodium iodide make-standard quality, 2% starch solution. make-standard quality, n/40 n2s2o3 solution. make-standard quality, painting brush 4" (good quality) make-standard quality, painting brush 3" (good quality) make-standard quality, painting brush 2" (good quality) make-standard quality, painting brush 1" (good quality) make-standard quality, heavy duty flaxible hose pipe pressure 7 kg./cm2 make-standard quality, bucket plastic 5 ltrs. make-standard quality, bucket plastic 15 ltrs. make-standard quality, plastic mug 1 ltr. make-standard quality, plastic mug 2 ltr. make-standard quality, bucket gi 20 ltrs. make-standard quality, calculator big size make-standard quality, lifebuoy soap make-standard quality, jute twins (sutli) make-standard quality, wooden handle balcha make-standard quality, nepkin 1' x 1.5' make-standard quality, nepkin 2 1/2' x 2' make-standard quality, towels big size (white) make-standard quality, marking cloth make-standard quality, good night (machine & liquid) make-standard quality, plastic bucket with cover 10 ltrs. (for bagasse sample) make-standard quality, teastrainer (big size) make-standard quality, dustbeen make-standard quality, spade with wooden handle (kudal) make-standard quality, dettol hand wash liquid bottle (200 ml) make-standard quality, phenyl make-standard quality, cell medium size (time piece) make-standard quality, torch (3 cell) make-standard quality, torch cell make-standard quality, flaxible hose pipe (1") make-plastic standard quality, tea cup make-standard quality, fibre plate make-standard quality, simple Glass make-standard quality, computer table for lab office make-standard quality, revolving chair for lab office make-standard quality, ups for computer (lab) make-standard quality, inverter with battery for lab make-standard quality, room cooler (kenstar) make-standard quality, nilkamal chair plastic. make-standard quality, hand gloves(cloth) make-standard quality, hand gloves(rubber) make-standard quality, gum boot big size make-standard quality, nose mask. make-standard quality, plastic gogle make-standard quality, wall putty(biral/jk.) make-standard quality, wihper make-standard quality, tap plastic size-01 inch. make-standard quality, electronic weighment up 5 kg. make-standard quality, hand wire brush with wooden handle., bamo mat size - 4 feet x 6 feet, electrical motor starter (mk1 relay 13-21 a) cap. - 5hp, room heater, a.c. 1.5 ton make voltas/godreg/samsung, office table.(simple size-4x3 feet), table Glass (size-6x4 feet), office table.(simple size
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 52122711
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of laboratory equipments and chemicals, sodium chloride , hydrochloric acid , sodium hydroxide , ethanoic acid , sodium hydrogen carbonate , sodium carbonate , calcium oxide , ferrous sulphate , copper sulphate , sodium sulphate , zinc sulphate , barium chloride , glycerine , saframine , methyl blue , zinc granules , aluminium , sulphur , glucose , ethanol , spirit , magnesium , baking soda , universal indicator , litmus solution , potassium permaganate , potentiometer , plane mirror , convex mirror , concave mirror , convex lens , magnets , temporary slides , clinical thermometer , laboratory thermometer , parenchyma permanent slides , sclerenchyma permanent slides , collenchyma permanent slides , onion stem permanent slides , human cheek permanent slides , test tubes , beakers , filter paper , watch Glass , forceps , dropper , needle.
Qty : 26179

Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 52209773
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of lab chemicals & appratous, beaker 100 ml cap make-borosil, measuring flask 500 ml cap.make-borosil, conical flask 150 ml cap make-borosil, therma-meter 0-110 digree range alcohalic (zeal), moisture oven 1500 watt, therma-meter 0-250 digree cen.range mercuric (zeal), max- min. therma-meter (zeal), pole-tube 200 ml npl tested with certificate, pole tube 200 ml normal centre- fitting, npl-tested brix-hydro-meter 10-20 brix, pol tube 400 ml.cap. npl tested, hot plate superior quality with thermostate , dropping bottle 150 ml capacity, pippatte rubber (sensor) superior quality, enamelled bucket, enamelled mug 500 ml cap, kattle element 2000 watt for water distillation, enamelled bowl 1.5 ltrs cap (tasla), c.l.51 Glass electrode for toshniwal ph-meter, ph-meter pocket, ph-comperator disc 5.8 to 7.2 ph range, ph-comperator graduated troff imported Glass, lead sub-accetate- merk, ethonol/sprit, fehling solutio "b" merk/bdh /qualigens, uranyle-accetate for p2o5 cont, acetic acid-liquid, hydrochloric acid extra-pure, filter paper 18cms dia kalpi hand make for sugar special, merk/bdh/qualigens, b.t.b.solution merk/bdh/qualigens, standard ph-paper 4.6 to 8.00ph range, pattasium oxilate, di-sodium phosphate, lead acetate, silver nitrate, l-naphthol, test tube 1.5cm x 15 cm make- borosil, test tube 2.5cmx15 cm make- borosil, rubber tubing/plastic soft tube1.5cm bore (transparent), moisture oven- heating element, what man no. paper sheet, brush 01 feet long for bottle-cleaning, brush for pol-tube cleaning, test tube holder superior quality, phenophthaline indicator merk, funnal 7.5cms mouth dia with stem, mud flask 200 ml cap. make- borosil, Glass rod (normal Glass), plastic bucket cap (superior quality), copper cylinder 01 ltrs cap for brix measuring, bx-hydrometer 0-10 brix range germany make.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 51845897
Closing Date 18 - Aug - 2022  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply ibr valves, tool & tackles, ci/cs casting, rubber goods, firewood, machinery spare, tube expander, Glasswool insulation, boiler & dm plant chemical, water flow meter, electrical goods, lighting material, electrical material, instrument material, winding material, power capacitor 2skvar, control avr card, acb1000 amp, computer pc/ cpu and ups, fire fighting equipments, cooling tower, high flow pump spares, flat canvas belt, buckley wooden strip, black polythene sheet, nickel screen, ss wire netting, brass liner & brass strips, ms screens, spray pond material, stitching thread rolls, lab apparatus & chemicals, repair and maintenance of bag printing machine, spare for centrifugal machine 32”x49” nhec make, spare for centrifuge machine, pump and pump spares & other mill material.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar Tenders Ref.No 45026991
Closing Date 15 - Aug - 2021  |  367 Days ago View Tender Details
supply of machine tools, equipment, chemical equipments, Glasswares, Miscellaneous Materials , publication and printing, stationary, models and charts, electrical material, miscellaneous work and other stuff - absolute alcohol bottle- 01 lit., blood group reagent 05 ml, distilled water bottle - 05 ltr., leishman stain bottle- 500 ml, nacl 1% bottle- 500 ml, n/lohcl bottle- 500 ml, spirit bottle 01 lit., platelet diluting fluid- 500 ml, pilot's solution for absolute eosinophil count- 500 ml, dunger’s fluid for absolute eosinophil count- 500 ml, vital stain- 500 ml, phenol red indiacator liquid- nice/bdh - 100 ml., sodium carbonate anhydrous- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 gm., glacial acetic acid (analar)- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 ml., benedicts uric acid reagent- qualigen/nice/fisher - 250 ml., phenolphthaline indicator solution- qualigen/nice/fisher - 100 ml., ammonium hydroxide- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 ml., ammonium molybdate- qualigen/nice/fisher - 250 ml., pottasium oxalate- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 ml., ammonium sulphate salt- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 gm., sodium nitroprusside salt- qualigen/nice/fisher - 100 gm., benzidine powder (analar)- qualigen/nice/fisher - 100 gm., hydrogen peroxide- qualigen/nice/fisher - 250 ml., serum creatinine kit (for semi auto analizer)- seimens / accurex / transasia / coral, tryglyceride kit- seimens / accurex / transasia / coral, total protein kit- seimens / accurex / transasia / coral, distilled water (not deionized grade 2 water)- qualigen/nice/fisher 5 ltr. per jar, surgical gloves ( no- 08), ethanol (absolute alcohal), xylene, Glass slide (75mm x 25mm), cover slip (22mmx50mm), slide box plastic, xylocaine- 1%, xylocaine-02%, sprit, pap stain, round bandaid, permanent slide marker, diamond pencil marker, name sticker, funnel plastic/ Glass, cotton, pasteur pipette, glacial acetic acid (500ml), filter paper (whattman no.-l), acetone, distilled water, blood lancet, benedict’s solution, urine multistix strip, ton split ac with stabilizers (6 kva)- lg/samsung/hitachi, 1.5 ton split ac with stabilizers (6 kva)- lg/samsung/hitachi, audio system (demonstartion room) with amplifier, speakers, colar mike, cordless mike & 4 speakers- yamaha/bose/ahuja, stand fan, wall fan, led bulb, tube light, electric wire plastic (copper), room heater (bajaj), power plug 15 amp/ 5 amp a, tester, tape / roll, blower heat blower bajaj, electric kettle, cfl bulb (18w-20w-30w, 80w,36w), extension board, online ups with battery , inverter with double battery, stainless steel table with marble top:6ft 1 inc x 2ft x 3ft, drill machine, hand saw, band saw for sectioning body, stools. prefarcbly metal, brain knife, mortuary cooler suitable for 8 body, plastic tanks for storing dissected parts: 3ft x 2ft x 2ft, trolly table: steel light, projectors including overhead projectors, x-ray viewing lobby, meat cutting machine, microscope: monocular, dissection microscope, cabinet for slides: capacity, incubator, paraffin embedding bath, hot plates for flattening sections, hot air oven for dry ing slidcs(45 decree c}, balance: analytical capacity 200gm, balance: capacity 6kg, diamond pencils, 7 colour marking pencils, skeleton: articulated, skeleton: disarticulated, specimen jar, embalming machine, computed desktop) with printer! photocopier), spirit, glycerol, carbolic acid 5l, haematoxylin: staining agent 100ml, eosin: staining agent 100ml, smart tv(55 inch), drill machine- half standard size, hand saw- half standard size, band saw for sectioning body- half standard size, brain knife- half standard size, mortuary cooler- suitable for 8 bodies, plastic tanks for storing dissected parts- 3’ x 2’ x 2’, trolly table - steel light, projectors including overhead projectors-, x-rav viewing lobby, induction cooker, refrigerator- 540 ltr. frost free. double door, deioniser plant - with 10 ltr. tank & producing grade 2 water, micropipette variable with stand- 10 - 100 ul. bis + ce certified. accuracy certified gurantce card. as per iso 8655, micropipette variable with stand- 100 - 1000 ul. bis + ce certified. accuracy certified gurantee card, as per iso 8655, micropipette tips- 100 - 1000 ul-, laptop- intel core i7, 32gb ram. 15 inch display full hd. 1 tb ssd. graphics card nvidia ge force, hp laser jet pro mfp m 128 fvv- print speed upto 21 ppm, black)- hp, mercury lab themiameter- ooc - 2500c. mercury themiameter, bottle top dispensor research model fully autoclavable as iso 8655 with adaptor- vol. range - 0.5 - 5.0 ml., increament - 0.10 ml., with adoptor, digital colorimeter, visible spectophotometer, ire extinguisher stand, constant temperature water bath- 50 - 800c, vortex mixture, boiling water bath, urinometer calibrated- mercury based, hot air oven- more than 200 ltr., centrifuge 32 tube- thermofisher / remi centrifuge 16 tube- thermofisher / remi, deep fridge 540 litres- voltas/thermofisher, research centrifuge high speed- thermofisher / remi, calorimeter digital- coleparmer/systronics/ electro
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