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Sector Civil Works Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.91 Million approx. / 19.13 Lakh approx.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 50442135
Closing Date 01 - Jul - 2022  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Installation of various electrical equipments at barkatullah khan stadium. .#* electric work wall/ free standing floor mounted dust and vermin proof compartmentalised cubical panel, function meter, aluminium (iec 60105 iso 209-1,2) / copper (iec 60028) bus bar, current transformer, cable, p.v.c. / xlpe insulated & p.v.c. sheathed un-armoured / armoured aluminium cable, xlpe insulated as per is:7098/ii/85 h.t.cable, river sand, existing cable, loose soil trench including refilling of excavated earth,compaction of earth, making good the same complete, heat shrinkable, end termination kit, joint kit, p.v.c. / xlpe insulated & p.v.c. sheathed un-armoured / armoured copper cable, mcb with positive isolation, double wall corrugated pipe, chemical gel earthing system, earth strip, aluminium wound distribution transformer, steel structure with ms channel / angle / joist / ismb / sheet etc, earth work in excavation/ by mechanical means (hydraulic excavator)/ manual means over areas (exceeding 30 cm in depth, 1.5m in width as well as 10 sum on plan) including disposal of excavated earth, lead upto 50 m and lift upto 1.5 m, disposed earth to be levelled and neatly dressed, random rubble stone masonry for with hard stone in foundation and plinth in cement sand mortar above 30 cm thick wall in: cement mortar 1:6 ( 1-cement : 6-sand). providing and laying in position cement concrete including curing, compaction etc. complete in specified grade excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - all work up to plinth level. m15 grade nominal mix 1: 2: 4 (1 cement : 2 coarse sand : 4 graded stone aggregate 40mm nominal size). plaster on new surface on wall in cement sand mortar 1:3 including racking of joints etc. complete fine finish : 25 mm thick providing & fixing of ip 51 ( upto 500) v range volt meter on existing panel as per pwd specification for electrical works, making connection by pvc insulated copper conductor with pvc sleeves / channel etc. meter shall give true rms measurments, acc. ci 1.0 or better , with field programmable primary & sec. values pt(vt) primary upto 2000 kv. field-programmable high and low threshold values, meter shall compliance of is 13875 & iec 61236. as required. oem must have bis certificate and & shall have submit nabl / cpri / erda lab test reports before execution &all as per pre approved by engineer in charge. for additional technical Parameters of products/ work , refer annexure "a" attached with this bsr .digital type, providing & fixing of ct operated direct reading type ip- 51 ampere meter on existing panel as per pwd specification for electrical works, making connection by pvc insulated copper, conductor with pvc sleeves / channel etc. ampere meter shall give true rms measurement, acc. cl 1.0 or better , measuring current range 50 ma to 6 a, with field- programmable primary and secondary values ct primary up to 15000 a, field-programmable high and low threshold values as required. compliant to is 13875, & iec 61326. oem must have bis certificate and & shall have submit nabl / cpri / erda lab test reports before execution &. all as per pre approved by engineer in charge. for additional technical Parameters of products/ work , refer annexure "a", attached with this bsr . digital type confirming to iec 62053-21 below 500 a, supply and fixing of following accessories for moulded case circuit breaker (mccb) compatible to main mccb oem as per pwd specification for electrical works, conforming to is/iec 60947 p - 2 :2003 including making connection etc complete in all respect. oem shall have submit nabl / cpri / erda accrediated lab type test certificate before execution. all as per pre approved by engineer in charge. for additional technical Parameters of products/ work , refer annexure "a" attached with this bsr . extended rotary handle, providing & fixing of 240/415 v isolator as per pwd specification for electrical works with isi marked is:13947- iii/conforming to iec 60947-3, suitable for ac22a utilization catagory, 4kv impulse withstand voltage, true contact indication, red colour dolly / lever shall have single mould covering over all poles for operation , two position din rail mounting, minimum phase termination capacity of , label holding facility , ip 20 contact protection and fitted with existing distribution board / sheet including making connections, testing etc. as required. oem shall have submit nabl / cpri / erda accrediated lab test reports before execution & all as per pre approved by engineer in charge. for additional technical Parameters of products/ work , refer annexure "a" attached with this bsr.four pole isolator 63 a rating 80/100 a rating, supplying and making end termination with heavy aluminium lugs pin / ring type (as per is 8309 -1993 & is 8337-1976 duly crimped with crimping tool, pvc tape as per pwd specification for electrical works etc of following size. all as per pre approved by engineer in charge. for additional technical Parameters of pro
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.94 Million approx. / 49.42 Lakh
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50291911
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of weld overlay mill side liners scrapper area of xrp 883 coal mill in unit no 3 aoh. #*. providing cement concrete approach road for fire fighting office 1 x 500 mw tps. #*. miscellaneous civil works for modification and maintenance of various structures & buildings at all levels & locations on as & when required basis, 4x210 mwtps. #*. comprehensive service contract for h2 driers, air driers, swas lab chillers & packages ac installed at unit no-5. #*. work of periodic cleaning and replacement of ndct nozzle, hot water distribution pipes and pvc fills on as & when required basis at unit-5, 500 mw tps. #*. uplifiting floor at entrance of c, d, e & f type quarters at prakash nagar i & il, tps. #*. supply of oil flow & water flow indicators for generator transformer for 210 mw. #*. work contract for bunker scrapping of unit 1 to 4 (as & when required basis) in chp-i & occasional work of bunker poking. #*. servicing of burner tilts, repair of wind box and replacement of coal compartment assemblies at unit no.-3 during aoh. #*. supply of three phase electronic trivector energy meters for ht auxiliaries & universal controller for 4x 210 mw tps. #*. supply, providing, assembling and trial of automatic lifting equipment for chp-i tps. #*. supply of sulphamic acid & polyelectrolyte (potable) chemical to wtp-500 mw. #*. procurement of unbalanced motor for vibrating feeder of stacker reclaimer system in chp-ii, 500 mw tps. #*. supply of non lubricated eccentric plug valves for ahp-ii, 500mw unit no 5.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50436943
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of single phase , three phase , web based software , amc and cost of operation , chemical boq title electric meter and swimming pool chemicals
Sector Coal and Lignite Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50506710
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of un serviceable, damaged goods, acetylene gas cylinder, air conditioner, air oven (elec.) 18"xl8"xl8" modern egg., hotair oven (elec.) size 300mx200mx300m yorco make thermo statical controlled cat. no.yho/197, air oven (elec.), air oven elec. york make 900mmx605mmx 158mm, air oven elec., atomic absorption spectrometer (zeis), atomic varion absorption spectrometer, 10/20, 10bq (australian), aluminium trough (decchi), ammeter, ac/dc 30-65 amp, balance , single pan ke-roy make electrical, balance chemical balance glass case model no. 12, balance k roy balance mono pan capacity loogm, balance air damp with short triangular beam & circular arragement model no. 1-c, balance (counter pan), balance (air damp) type model no.-l-c (chainometric double pan), balance (chemical balance) k. roy model-7 chainometric, balance mono (single pan) bulanec k-ray (elec.), balance mono (single pan) bulanec k-ray (elec.), balance single pan (elec.) model wp-33 poland make, with wt. box, balance gold assay (elec.) dhona make, dhona-da-10, balance chemical balance model no.k-5, capacity-200gm, balance chemical balance model no.k-5, capacity-200gm, 3alance single pan (elec.) k-7, balance single pan (elec.) model no.m-5 ke roy, balance mono pan k-ray capacity-loogm, balance electric analytical micro process baqlance anamed make model-fab-2200, si. no.900057, balance micro process balance anamed make model- -ab-2200 si. no.-90062, balance electric analytical micro process balance anamed make model-fab-2200 si. no.-900063, balance -rough weighing balance capacity-2 kg, balance single pan balance (elec.) k-roy 100 gm capacity model no.m.5 sensitivity-0.5gm, balance single pan balance (elec.) dhona make capacity- loogm sensitivity-0. igm model no.da-100, balance counter pan weigning machine 2 kg capacity, balance spring balance 100kg capacity, balance weighing machine platform type capacity-50kg to 100ke, balance type saler balance dial type capacity-10kg, balance top pan balance k. roy capacity-looogm, model-1- ktp 1000 (super), balance top pan (elec.) atco digital 2 kg. capacity, burette clamp , iron, burette clamp (double) fisher type, burette clamp (single), cal gas sotve, canteen stove, cal gas sotve, double burner, cal gas stove (delux double burner) calssic, calculator, enamelled mug, enamel mug, enamel bucket, enamelled bucket, enamelled buckets with lids (small), enamelled buckets without lids, enamelled bucket 7 lit. capacity (25cm) with lids, enamelled bucket, enamelled bucket with lid, fibre tape, i00730mtr., fibre tape, 50715 mtr., filtration stand (wooden double), fume cup boai'd-4’x2'x6.5’ lt., furnace-muffle furnace with pyrometer, furance crucible furance, furance 0 kay ht furance platform model, furance-0 kay muffle furnace, furance-0 kay muffle furnace bench model, g.i. bucket 14" size ( monkey), g.i. dram round capacity 100 ltr., g.i. dram round capacity 200 ltr., dand centrifuge with 2 tubs, hot air oven, electrical, hot air oven, hot plate with 3 heat rotary switch, hot plate, iron morter, ice box, jarkin , 20 ltr. capacity, lock & key ( 5 liver), liquider with grinder, magesntic strirer, platinum tip tong, refractory plug, stainless steel tape, test tube brush, test tube holder (wooden handle), test tube stand, theromo flask / vaccum flask, tripod stand, water bath 36 cm x 25 cm, wall clock, water filter, wire guage, plain asbestors centre, syntex water reservior 500 itr. capacity, anvil hammer big size, anvil hammer medium size, anvil hammer small size, analytical fractional weight box, auto clave 50x30 cm with stell boiler, balance (sailer spring 10kg capacity), balance pan - big & small, belcha, bunsen burner, bunsen burner -electrical, bench vice 10 kg wt., camical balance double pan, cast iron boulds, cement injection 10 kg capacitor, communicator 4 way plug type, constituent counter york make, conductivity bridge - electromeat, cone ponetrometer liquid limit devied, copper flask, colour dish - ammnia, colour dish -chlorini, clamp, crober (sabal) -5' length, cooling incubator, distillation - plant steel body electrical, disolved oxygen meter without electrode systronic made, double pan physical balance, energy meter or electric meter, electric stirrer (remi), electromatic sepaarter, energy regulator -sunvice, filter pump (superfit), fire extinguisher (empty), g.i. tray - 3,x2'x4", graphite crucible - 18"x18"x4", grease gun, gas cromatograph -model qc+dfdtp, gas flow meter (york make), generator-sriram honda egk-2000, glass electrode for ph meter, glass cutting pencil (diamond pointed), h.t. siliminite tube for ok furnace, hydrometer, h.p. industrial oxygen gas cylinder, iron crucible-50 ml, iron ring for fusion (retort ring), incubator - 60cmx60cmx60cm, inden gas cylinder, kateri with wooden handle, liquider with grinder, lovibond comparater, magnetic stirrer, mober magnesia, m.p.e jaw for jaw crusher, mono block suction tulu pump (water pump) 0.5 hp, metal wineed tap -30 mtr. / 100 fut., micro polishing
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50269683
Closing Date 27 - Jun - 2022  |  2 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of lab items benzoic acid (loba chemicals), borax (loba chemicals), ferrous sulphide sticks (loba chemicals), ferrous sulphate (loba chemicals), ferrous ammonium sulphate (loba chemicals), ferric chloride (loba chemicals), iodine crystal (loba chemicals), oxalic acid (loba chemicals), potassium iodide (loba chemicals), sodium metal (loba chemicals), sodium chloride (loba chemicals), sodium hydroxide (loba chemicals), sodium carbonate (loba chemicals), magnesium sulphate (loba chemicals), molish reagent (loba chemicals), nesslers reagent (loba chemicals), schiff reagent (loba chemicals), paraffin liquid (loba chemicals), sulphur powder (loba chemicals), magnesium ribbon (loba chemicals), starch powder (loba chemicals), barium chloride (loba chemicals), silver nitrate solution (loba chemicals), cobalt nitrate (loba chemicals), lead acetate paper (loba chemicals), aluminium sulphate (loba chemicals), lead acetate (loba chemicals), lead sulphate (loba chemicals), ammonium chloride (loba chemicals), ammonium carbonate (loba chemicals), bromine water (loba chemicals), potassium alum (loba chemicals), potassium ferrocyanide (loba chemicals), zinc chloride (loba chemicals), copper sulphate (loba chemicals), 2,4- dnp (loba chemicals), ninhydrin solution (loba chemicals), potassium iodide solution (loba chemicals), phenolpthalein solution (loba chemicals), isopropanol (merck), meta dinitrobenzene (loba chemicals), ethyl alcohol (merck), methanol (merck), acetone (merck), sulphuric acid (merck), hydrochloric acid (merck), pipette 10 ml glass (merck), evaporating dish 3" dia (borosil), funnel 3" dia glass (borosil), test tube 5*5/8 fine glass (borosil), conical flask 100 ml borosil (borosil), beaker 250 ml borosil (borosil), beaker 500 ml borosil (borosil), volumetric flask 100 ml glass (borosil), volumetric flask 250 ml glass (borosil), volumetric flask 500 ml glass (borosil), burette 25 ml glass (borosil), washbottle 250 ml polythene (borosil), glass rod stirrer (borosil), thistle funnel borosil (borosil), measuring cylinder 10 ml (borosil), measuring cylinder 50 ml (borosil), reagent bottle 500 ml narrow mouth (borosil), kipps apparatus polyethylene (borosil), watch glass 4" dia (borosil), thermometer 100 c (borosil), thermometer 360 c (borosil), platinum wire (borosil), test tube holder (borosil), crucible tongs 6" long (borosil), spatull s.s (borosil), dropper with rubber teat (borosil), wire gauge with frame (borosil), dimineralised water (merck), chromatography paper standarad (loba chemicals), chromatography jar (borosil), retort stand with clamp (borosil), charcoal block (loba chemicals), periodic table chart (borosil), physics lab equipement (2022-23), electrolytic capacitors kit of different values , resistors kit of different values, diodes 1n4007 multi purpose , convex lens small focal length (+30cm), convex lens large focal length (+15 cm), concave lens small focal length (-15cm), glass slab , sliding rheostat value- 100 ohm, travelling microscope, prism, p n junction diode apparatus, micrometer screw guage 0-25mm, vernier callipers, spring balance 500g, sonometer , light dependent resistor(ldr) sensor, light emitting diode (led) different colours, measuring cylinder 100 ml borosil material, helical spring length of 1meter, series and parallel resistor circuit kit, optical bench, spherometer, inclined plane apparatus with protactor and pully and pan, parallalogram apparatus, young's modulus apparatus, calorimeter, tunning fork different frequency set, weight box set, meterbridge, potentiometer (10 m wire), battery eliminator (2v-12v), galvanometer(30-0-30), voltmeter (range 0-5 v), voltmeter (range 0-30 v), ameter (range 0-10 milli ampere), concave mirror, convex mirror, rechargable leser light green 500 mw, magnifying glass with light/led, liquid lens apparatus, nichrome wire 10m, copper sulphate 1 kg, ammonium chloride 1 kg, multimeter, biolab equipement (2022-23), human skeleton adult model 180 cm optical pvc., human eye model, human ear model, plant cell model, animal cell model, human body system charts set., typical flower model, human heart model, chloroform, cover slip, glass slides, permenent microslide, surgical spirit, blotting paper sheet, spirit lamp glass hexagonal, petri dish, sterrer, blood pressure apparatus , ethyl alcohol , wire guage with frame, universal indicator, beaker 100 ml, beaker 250 ml, pipette 10 ml, measuring cylinder 100ml, measuring cylinder 200ml, glass funnel, dissecting needle, forcep middle size, dissecting scissor, filter paper box, 10 middle size preserved animal specimen with glass jar, dropper, chromatography glass jars., mathematics lab equipement (2022-23), data collection board with data cubes, x and y axis co-ordinate geoboard, number planet, circular geo board, trigonometry board, algebra magnetic tiles, fraction bar magnetic, conic section with standard equation, arithmetic progression magnetic tiles, pascal triangle kit in jawahar navodaya
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50346090
Closing Date 25 - Jun - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supplying of construction & other material metal white-(hand broken metal), metal black-(crusher broken metal), 2 to 5 mm fine (churi )black-(crusher broken metal), boulders rubbles & masonary stones, sand river (unscreen), sand (nallah bed), soft murum, hard murum, soil, cement 53 grade opc, burnt bricks (ii class), ash bricks (ii class), mild steel bars 6 mm, tmt steel bars 8 mm, vetrified tiles, chemical flush door, plastic emulsion paint, distemper, birla white, toilet sheet (with acceseries), rcc chair, teak wood door, paving block colour coated, steel door, teen sheet, mixture machine rent , wastege material carting charges, murum carting, centring tar, water tanker charges, centring charges, bitumen pack, ferlong stone, steel grill work, cement concrete pipe with coller, pvc pipe 63mm with socket, murum carting for narega, rollar, jcb, ci double flanged pipes 80 mm, pvc pipe 63 mm 4kg./, g.i. pipe, hdpe pipe 63 mm 6kg/cm, mdpe pipe 25 mm, cidf reflux valves 50 mm, double flange sluice valves 50 mm, air valves 50 mm pn-1, copper lightening conductor, m.s. ladder, water level indicator upto, pump 100 mm dia 1.5 hp, 3 core 2.5 sq. mm. insulated flat flexible submersible cable, triple pole metal/iron clad switch, 3 pilot lamps, voltmeter, ammeter, star delta starter upto 7.5, dol starter upto 7.50, earthing with galvanized cast iron earth plate size 60 x 60 x 0.6 cm, panel board at gp pendhari
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