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Sector Industrial Development Agencies Tenders Tender Value Rs. 14.44 Million approx. / 1.44 Crore approx.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50502353
Closing Date 15 - Jul - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of road, Water Well. #*. dismantling of old Water Well. #*. maintenance & repair of drainage. #*. repair of pump house, retaining wall. #*. maintenance & repair of road. #*. laying of rcc pipe. #*. repair & painting of road divider. #*. water distribution by cement concrete pipe. #*. laying of rain water pipeline. #*. shifting of pipeline. #*. cleaning of drain, culvert, pipe. #*. erection of street light with led fitting with operating, maintenance & repair. #*. supply, commissioning of bowl assembly for 600t model pump. #*. repair of vt pump. #*. widening of road. #*. replacement of pipeline. #*. electric work. #*. operating of re-circulation system with supply of chemical. #*. providing of acprs plcr system coat. #*. improvement of water supply line. #*. road concrete work. #*. construction of culvert. #*. supply of alum. #*. repair & strengthening of esr, pure water tank. #Marathi
Sector Other Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 50360675
Closing Date 01 - Jul - 2022  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply rate for different type construction related materials - stone aggregate(single size): 40 mm nominal size, stone aggregate(single size):25 mm nominal size, stone aggregate(single size):20 mm nominal size, stone aggregate(single size): 12.5 mm nominal size, stone aggregate(single size): 10 mm nominal size, cowdung, portland cement, ready mixed pink or grey primer on wood work(hard and softwood) having voc content less than 50 gms/litre, water thinnable cement primer for interior wall surface, having voc content less than 50 gms/litre, cement primer , pink primer (for wood), white cement based putty , synthetic enamel paint in black or chocolate shade, synthetic enamel paint in all shades except black or chocolate shade, wire mesh (rabbit), galvanised steel corrugated sheets, g i wire, g.i limpet washer, bitumen washer , galvanised steel j or l hooks 8 mm dia, hire charges of concrete mixer 0.25 to 0.40 cum with hopper, hire charges of diesel road roller- 8 to 10 tonne, surface vibrator, water tanker 5000 ltr. capacity, 1st class picked jhama bricks(traditional), stone boulder( 225 mm above ), stone boulder ( 225mm-150mm ) , fine sand, medium sand, coarse sand, bamboo (8cm-10cm dia) including fixing, nail, hire charges of shuttering plank (25mm-30mm thick) with prop including all fittings , hire charges of shuttering plank (25mm-30mm thick) without prop including all fittings, hire charges of shuttering plank (above 30mm-37mm thick) with prop including all fittings, loading unloading & stacking sand/ stone aggregate (less than 40mm nominal size), loading unloading & stacking stone aggregate (above 40mm nominal size), 1st class traditional bricks (kiln burnt), tor steel rods/hysd bars/tmt bars (sail/tata/rinl) (fe415/fe500/fe500d conforms to is: 1786), loading, unloading and stacking by manual means of steel , r.c.c ventilator of 20 mm. thick above 0.10 sq.m. area, gi pipe 32 mm dia medium quality for underground works, thermocol 12.5 mm thick., structural members of specified sections weighing less than -22.5 kg./m (e.g. joists, angle, channel sections conforming to is: 226, is: 808 & sp (6)- 1964), structural works in roof trusses etc. using joists, channels and angles of specified section (conforming to is: 226, is: 808 & sp (6)- 1964) weighing less than 22.5 kg/ m , m.s. structural works in roof trusses with tubular sections conforming to is: 806-1968 & is: 1161- 1998 (trusses spanning up to 12.00 m), m.s. structural with hollow sections (square or rectangular shape) conforming to is: 806-1968 & is:1161-1998) span up to 12 mtr, fly ash bricks(traditional), collapsible gate , steel railing, ms integrated grill for steel window and ventillator, 1.5 mm thick ms sheet, openable steel windows as per is sizes with side hung shutters and horizotal glazing bars., supplying, fitting & fixing asbestos corrugated sheet(6 mm thick) , supplying, fitting & fixing asbestos ridging, supplying,fitting & fixing of 2-track / 3-track aluminium sliding window, supplying solid flush type doors of commercial quality, modular fly ash bricks, fencing post 215 cm 150 mm x 150 mm section at bottom, 100 mm x 100 mm section at top with t-base 300 mm x 150 mm x 100 mm, having 4 nos 6 mm dia vertical m.s. reinforcement and 6 mm dia binders @ 200 mm centres, finished smooth , fixing post of iron or precast concrete incl. digging hole, packing the hole with cement concrete (1:3:6) with jhama khoa and necessary plaster with 15 cm th cement plaster (1:6) complete, polythene sheet (150 gm per sqm), grill weighing above 10 kg./ and up to 16 kg./sq. mtr., galvanised barbed wire 3 ply 12 gauge / 4 points including fittings and fixing to the post complete in all respect. , fixing barbed wire to the post including fiting fixing., nylon net, silver sand, display board ( ibs) purulia as per specificatrion, display board ( community) purulia as per specificatrion, rest shed (purulia), first aid box (purulia), photo graphy 3 stage (purulia), jute rope, coconut rope, poly rope, coco peat (block @ 2 kg.), jeevamrit, in concentrated for miyawaki, farm yard manure/cowdung (@ max 20% moisture content), vermi compost, neem based vermi compost , neem khol or other oil seed cake, bone dust, neem oil 10000 ppm, 2:1:1 npk based organic manure, 5:1:1 npk based organic manure, poly tube (4" x 6" ), poly tube (6" x 8" ), bio pesticides, bio fungicides, copper oxychloride 50%, imida-chlorpide 17.8% sl, carbofuran-3g, chloropyriphos 50% ec, zinc phosphide, carbendazim 50 wp fungicides i.e bavistin, seed treating chemicals, mugs, buckets, jharii / rose can, polly bottle 2 lit, earthen pot of 5 lit capacity, wire, good earth carrage, nail, silver sand, good quality fine sand supply, amrapali mango grafted, mallika mango grafted, langra mango grafted, alphonso mango grafted, khaja / l-49 guava layering, allahabed safeda guava layering, sathugudi sweet orange budded, vikram / ramalini acid lime budded / seedling, bau kul-1 apple kul air layerd, s
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