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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 7 Lakh
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 52163934
Closing Date 31 - Aug - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of equipment, chemicals, & glassware for pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, refractometer, polarimeter, photoelectric colorimeter, atomic model set, periodic table chart, hot plates, oven, mechanical stirrer, magnetic stirrer with thermostat, digital ph meter, arsenic limit test apparatus, nessler’s Cylinders, 50 ml-30 pcs, 20 pcs, nessler’s Cylinders, 100 ml, electronics water bath (12 holes), copper water bath, digital balance 1 mg sensitivity , beaker 500 ml, brush test tube, bulb pipette 10 ml, burette 50 ml, burette stand, buchner funnel, 250 ml, buchner funnel, 500 ml, blue litmus paper, butter paper, capillary tube one end closed, capillary tube, conical flask 100 ml, conical flask 250 ml, conical flask 500 ml, cotton, cover slip, plastic pipette dropper, dropper bottle, funnel, 250 ml, funnel, 500 ml, glass rod 6 mm, glass rod 12 mm, reflux flask , measuring Cylinder 10 ml, measuring Cylinder 25 ml, measuring Cylinder 50 ml, measuring Cylinder 100 ml, measuring Cylinder 250 ml, pipette graduated, 1ml, pipette graduated, 2 ml, pipette graduated, 5 ml, pipette graduated, 10 ml, pipette graduated, 20 ml, pipette stand horizontal, pipette volumetric 1 ml, pipette volumetric, 2 ml, pipette volumetric , 5 ml, pipette volumetric, 01 ml, pipette volumetric , 20 ml, pipette volumetric, 25 ml, petri dish, reagent bottle 125 ml, reagent bottle, 250 ml, reagent bottle, 500 ml, reagent bottle (amber colour) 250 ml, red litmus paper, spatula plastic (hdpe), spatula (ss), 6 inch, spatula (ss), 8 inch, spatula (ss), 10 inch, test tube 12x150 mm, test tube, 25 x 150 mm, test tube, 38x200 mm, test tube stand / rack 12x150 mm, test tube stand / rack 25x150 mm, test tube stand / rack, 38x200 mm, tripod stand, small, tripod stand, medium, tripod stand, large, volumetric flask, 10 ml, volumetric flask, 100 ml, volumetric flask, 250 ml, volumetric flask, 500 ml, volumetric flask, 1000 ml , weighing bottle 20 ml, what man filter paper no 1, what man filter paper no 41, simple filter paper, silica crucible, 20 ml, silica crucible, 50 ml, wire gauze, 2,4 dinitro phenyl hydrazine, absolute ethyl alcohol, acetic acid, acetic anhydride (if available), acetone, acetonitrile, acetyl chloride, albumin, ammonium ferric citrate, ammonium iodide, ammonium thiocynate, ammonium sulphate, aniline, arsenic trioxide, benzoyl chloride, benzyl chloride, bismuth carbonate , bromine water, calcium gluconate, ceric ammonium sulphate, chalk powder (precipitated chalk), cinnamon oil, crystal violet solution, di sodium edta, ethyl acetate, ferric chloride, ferroin solution, ferrous sulphate, formaldehyde solution, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, methyl orange solution, methyl red solution, nitric acid, oleic acid, phosphoric acid, phosphotungstic acid, phthalic anhydride, potassium bicarbonate , potassium chloride, potassium chromate, potassium dichromate, potassium iodide, potassium permanganate, potassium sulphate, silver nitrate, sodium acetate, sodium hydrogen sulphate, sodium stearate, sodium sulphite, sodium thiosulphate, solid potassium bisulphate, stearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, sulphosalicylic acid, sulphuric acid, thioglycolic acid, thymol blue indicator powder, tri sodium citrate, triethanolamine, vegetable oil, zinc chloride, zinc oxide, zinc powder (zinc metal), zinc sulphate, naphthol.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 52206781
Closing Date 30 - Aug - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ibr valves, c.l valves, boiler soot blower spares., pneum-atic control clamps & spares for chute of sugar grader pump & pump spares, electrical materials-, electromagnetic water flow meter -, dm plant material/spares, black polythene sheet, lab chemicals & apparatus ., remi maker air stroker for boiler furnace, other mill material, civil material, civil contract jobs, electrical contract jobs., amc for ocems, contract for operation & maintenance of etp & apcd., dm plant repair & servicing, other contract jobs, repair of cl sluice valve,, fabrication & erection job, balancing of machinery parts, cast steel ibr high pressure globe valve with flange, ends ( stop valve ) class 300 trim 8., glass lined cast iron soundrus valve suitable for so2 gas line duly drilled,, flange to flange distance 16"., size - 5"., rubber diaphragm for glass lined soundrus valve (6")., sg 008/01 valve body, sg 008/02 valve seat & set valve integral, sg 008/03 valve actuating mechanism, sg 008/04 limit switch, sg 008/05 trigger, sg 008/06 trolley cs with wheel box, sg 008/07 roller front, sg 008/08 gear box double reduction, 5g 008/09 ms sprocket big, sg 008/10 ms sprocket small, sg 0o8^l chain, sg 008n2 chain tightener, sg 008/13 gun metal gear helical, sg 0o8n4 ms gear helical, sg 008/15 ldler, sg 008/16 square housing, sg 008/17 valve actual spring, sg 0o8n8 element, sg m8/19 feed pipe, sg m8/ 20 bearing complete set, sg m8/21 nozzles, vacuum pump, injection pump, magma pump, l&t make c power acb (s1) 3 pole manually operated draw, out tvpe with magnetic thermal dn 1 release, , 800amp mdo95332, l&t make c power acb (s1) 4 pole manually operated fixed, type with magnetic thermal dn 1 release, 630 amp mf/4 pole sl 95501, 800 amp mf/4 pole sl 95502, copper wire for crane unloader, copper wire for crane unloader power supply, c.l end covers, motors, switches., switch disconnected fuse unit in open execution, switch disconnected fuse unit in ss enclosure, ictp switch, t & t/ siemens/ skyu /havells make 3pole changeover switches, with side handle., t & t/ siemens/ skyu /havells make 4pole changeover switches, with side handle, jaw contact for 3 pole l&t make cncs (c) 4000 amp, acb (1988 model ) for draw out type acb to be, fitted at rear l/o terminals for isolating the, breaker from bus bar (no. of finger per contact 52), (6 pc 2 pc per phase), Schneider ll&t /epcos/malde/asian make power shu nt, capacitor bank 25 kvar heavy duty square cap shunt capacitor, for 3 phase 440 v ac /50h2 .supply for power factor correction, (resin filled ) double dielectric, l&t - heavy duty mpp, epcos -square cap tm, acb contacts, spares for l& t make acb type cncs ho 4000 amp-, breakins capacity 75 ka, main lsolating contacts, bus bar fitted adopter contacts for jaw contact, shutter assembly safely shutter for l & t acb 4000, amp cncs ho -75 ka, a.c sq. cage, pole, motor terminal plates, motor cooling fan, dg set battery, am -meter, ct, current transformer, cables., ruttonsha make power diodes for jyoti make 2 mw /440 v, brushless alternator, direct polarity 321 um 100 320 amp, reverse polarity 321 umr 100 320 amp, spare exciter poles for 50 volt dc /15 amp exciter of jyoti make, 2 mw /440 v brushless alternator, smc slipring unit for kirloskar make sllp ring motors, smc slipring unit for gec make slip ring motors, electromagnetic water flow meter with telemetry system complete, strainer, lnjector ( size - f%" i, rubber diaphragm valve ( size - 1%" ), rubber diaphragm valve 1", supply of resin for the cation unit, supply of resin for anion unit, black polythene sheet, lead sub acetate, ordinary filter paper, whatman filter paper sheet, ethyl alcohol, universal indicator solution, bromothylmol indicator solution, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorophonol , methyl , brix hydrometer, digital weighing scale, hellige comparator tube, glass measuring Cylinder, thermometer, glass beaker, glass test tube., laboratory work for the crushing season 2o2z-23, , worm wheel for radicon gearbox of bagasse feeder, digital meters, voltmeters, ammeters, sugar bag handling trolley, stitching thread, c.g.l. sheets, g.l. sheets, h.r. sheets, acc sheets, steel hook, self drilling screw, snowcem, lime un-burnt, paint, primer, cement, sand, course aggregate, bricks, steel bar, steel binding wire.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar Tenders Ref.No 52196711
Closing Date 29 - Aug - 2022  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of plastic ware glass ware and fine chemicals - plastic ware:bottle:250ml, plastic ware: bottle-60ml, plastic ware:bottle:250ml/natural/wm, :stand nessler cyl:std:, racks-pipette:std:, stand-burrete:std:, plastic ware:bottle:500ml/natural/nm, plastic ware:bottle:1000ml/natural/nm, stand-clamps:std:, plastic ware:Cylinder:10ml, plastic ware:Cylinder:25ml, plastic ware:beaker:100ml-conical, plastic ware:beaker:250ml-conical, plastic ware:beaker:500ml, plastic ware:bottle:500ml/natural/wm, filteration assy:vacuum pump, glass:condensers: l-300mm,jt-24/29, heating mantle:standard, plastic ware:bottle:60ml/natural/nm, plastic bottle: 100ml/natural/nm, plastic tray - size: 360 x 310 x 130 mm, plastic ware:pipette controller-m, silicon tube,id:4mm,od:6mm,polymetr-8892, glass:desiccator:200ml, plastic ware:beaker:1000ml-conical, plastic ware:beaker:2000ml-conical, plastic ware - spatula: 6", plastic ware:bottle:1000ml/natural/wm, spatula:large, :plastic ware:bottle:120ml, glass:petri dish:90x12mm, glass:rod:std size, glass:Cylinders:200ml, glass:flasks:reaction flask-500ml, glass:petri dish:100x15mm, dish:enamel:tray-medium, fibre glass:thimbles:19x90x1mm:, tissue paper:2plyx45m roll, glass:petri dish:80x17mm, stand-funnel:std:, chmcl: sodium arsenite, pararosaniline, chmcl:silver sulphate ar :gr, :glass:bottle:500ml, :glass:bottle:250ml, :glass:bottle:1000ml, amber glass bottle 250 ml, amber glass bottle 500 ml, glass:Cylinders:10ml, glass:Cylinders:25ml, glass:Cylinders:50ml, :glass:flasks:25ml, :glass:flasks:50ml, :glass:flasks:500ml, :glass:flasks:1000ml, :glass:flasks:2000ml, whatman nitro-celulose:0.2 micron,d-47mm, f-paper:nitro-cellulose:0.8micronxd-47mm, methanol dried for kf titr.;ar/gr/excelr, chmcl:sodium sulphite, sodium acetate anhydrous; ar/ge/excelar, chmcl:formal-dehyde solution, acetic acid glacial liquid gr, toluene, mercuric sulphate, edta n/50 solution (0.02n), edta-magnesium salt (ar/gr/excelr), sodium thio sulphate;ar/gr/excelar grade, disodium hydrogen phosphate(anhydrous), chmcl:sodium azide:gr, stannous chloride ar/gr/excellar, potassium hydroxide pellets ar, potassium chloride:ar/er/emparta grade, filter paper:whatman -41:d-125mm, barium hydroxide :ar/gr/excelr, boric acid ar/gr/excelar, calcium chloride ar/gr/excellar, alcho hexane analy, hydrofluoric acid (48%) ar/gr grade, mercuric thio cyanate gr gr(general), n-1-naphthyl ethylenediamine (neda), phenoldisulp acid sol 25 % w/v, potassium iodide gr grade, potassium nitrate gr/ar/excelar, 1-amino-2 napthol ,4 sulphonic acid ar, chmcl:sulphanilamide, mercuric chloride ar/gr, naphtholbenzein(ph indicator) ar, petroleum benzene(60-80deg cel);ar/gr/ex, chemical-lab ar sodium chloride, sodium bi sulphite, xylenol orange indicator ar/gr grade, chmcl: xylene cyanol (f.f.), sulphamic acid, lead nitrate;ar/gr/excelar grade, potas. hydrogen phthalate ar, cobaltous chloride. gr/excelar pack100gm, mercuric iodide ar, barium perchlorate ar/gr/excelar, sodium diethyl dithio carbamate ar/gr, ammonium chloride ar/gr :(ar), potassium thiocyanate ar/gr/excelr100gm, carbon tetrachloride;ar/gr/excelar grade, fritted base for 47mm glass filter holdr, glass:wet & dry bulb thermometer-std, ammoniom acetate gr / exceler, barium chloride dihydrate; ar/gr/excelar, methyl red indicator, chmcl:potasi hydro phathalate ar:gr, sodium carbonate,anhydrous ar/gr/excelar, patton and reader's reagent; indicator, chmcl:ortho toludine, dextrose ar/gr/excellar ,pack of 500 gm, hydrazinium sulphate ar/gr/excellar, sodium azide, copper sulphate ar grade, iodine crystals lranalit(ar), nitrate filter paper, 47mm dia, ammonium thiocyanate; ar/gr/excelar, hydrochloric acid ar/gr grade, chmcl:silver nitrate ar:gr, sodium metasilicate : (ar/gr/excelr), glass pippete: 10ml, :lc: 0.1mm, dispenser:25ml-lc 0.2ml, dispenser:10ml:, glass:vm crucible-m comp assy, glass:crucible:ash crucible-m comp assy, glass:moisture crucible-m :comp assy, orsat co2-h2 analyz:comp assy, plastic wash bottle - 500 ml, glass:separatory funnel:500ml, glass thermometer: mercurry:0-100c:lc-10, plastic wash bottle - 1000 ml, glass pippete: 5ml, lc-0.1mm, bromocresol green 5 gm., glass pippete: 2ml, lc-0.01mm, glass pippete: 1ml, lc-0.01mm, glass:distln kit:dean & stark comp assy, glass:desiccator:300ml, glass:hydrometer:range 1.0-1.5, hot plate:standard-large:, hot plate:standard-medium:, hydrometer - sg range: 850-900, glass:hydrometer:range-0.8-1.0, dish:enamel:tray-small, spatula:small, glass:hydrometer:0.9-0.95 lc: 0.001, whatman ntr-cellulose:0.45 micron,d-47mm, glass:hydrometer:sg range: 1100-1200, glass:hydrometer:range-1.5-2.0, glass:hydrometer:1.3-1.4 lc: 0.001, glass:separatory funnel:1000ml, glass:petri dish:50x17mm, plastic draining tray - 540x435x130 mm, filteration assy:conical flask, filteration assy:clamp, filteration assy:filter holder:, filteration assy:cup, hydrometer - sg range: 1800-2000, plastic ware:beaker:100ml, glass:bottle:w-bottle -squart-20ml, glass:b
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar Tenders Ref.No 51919465
Closing Date 24 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of potassium chloride , potassium ferrocyanide , potassium ferricyanide , sodium fluoride , ni sulphate hexahydrate , ni chloride hexahydrate , boric acid , sodium chloride , buffer tablets 4,7 and 9.2 ph , hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid , nitric acid , pdms making kits sylguard , graphite foil 0.5mm , gold electroplating kit solution 24 kt , micropipettes 10-100 microliter , micropipettes 100-1000 microliter , micropipettes 0.5-10 microliter , borosilicate beaker 50ml , borosilicate beaker 100ml , borosilicate beaker 250ml , borosilicate beaker 500ml , pipette tip 10 microl , pipette tip 100 microl , pipette tip 1.0 ml , petri dish normal size , conical flask 100 ml , glass slides normal , fine glass slides , wires with crocodile clips , glass rods , magnetic beads 3x6 mm , magnetic beads 6x10mm , nitrogen Cylinder , measuring flask 500 ml , conical flask 500 ml boq title chemical and consumable
Qty : 13815

Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 52205020
Closing Date 24 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of glass wares and chemicals micropipettes full set (3) with tips of all sizes,eppendorf tubes/ centrifuge tubes all sizes,borosil conical flasks 1l, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml,petri dishes both glass and disposable,borosil beakers 1l, 500 ml, 250 ml,measuring Cylinders 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml,culture tubes - borosil,test tubes 10ml, 6ml, parafilm roll,bsa fraction v loba or sigma,sds,temed,edta,acrylamide, bis acrylamide, b-mercaptoethanol,bromophenol blue, tris base,hydrochloric acid,50% glycerol,glycine,gel staining trays, auxin, gibberellin hormones,triphenyl tetrazolium chloride,petroleum ether,methanol,capillary tubes,chromatography papers,coomassie blue,tarson stoppered tubes 10ml, 20ml both round bottomed and conical,silver nitrate,pbs 100 gms ph 7 2+-0,acetone for chromatographym,acetic acid for chromatography,butanol for chromatography,ninhydrin powder,ninhydrin sprayer,trypan blue, ph paper 6 - 8 & 4-10,sudan iii dye,lactophenol cotton blue,urea kit dam,ouchterlony double diffusion kit.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 52004748
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of material lifiting bag set lpt make lysekilen swedm made, steel cutter tsa 230 battery operated, with durability rod, different types of chain & blade sharpex for electric/petrol wood cutter machine sthil, shovels with sticks, mini hydraulic rescue kit integral make, life is the best kind, what a great kind, ku-hadi is the best type, by looking at the phyrecus pattern, the bucket is red in color, industrial gas moniotr gfg germany make senson o2, h2s, jumpig set, hose ramp standard hose, fire chem afff is 4989 in foam compound plastic can, foambench fb-10 by standard company, 4 inch rubber suction hose with is male female coupling, safety shoe jeevana make, style 1111 delux toe, steel toe is 1126 oil acid resistance, chemical resistant, heat resistant antiskid with nitrile sole, full body harness is 3521-1999 polyester nylon webbing for high breaking strength, dcp powder type fire extinguisher (stored pressure) 4 kg cap safety first make/intime make, clean aqent type fire extinguisher (stored pressure) 4 kg cap safety first make/intime make, mechanical foam type 9 kg cap cartridge type foam afff ce/en 3/15683 safety first make/intime make, carbon dioxide type 4.5 cap filling w1 16.5 kg ce/en 3/15683 safety first make/intime make, dragon led search light, hook ladder, extension ladder 35 futa aluminum alloy simplex make, rubber hand gloves, safety face mask 6 nos gas smoke, fume smoke isi mark, safety goggle for eye protection from fume smoke isi mark, snake tweezers isi mark, refilling of fire extinguishers, dcp 5 kg, foam type 9 ltd, co2 type 4 kg, wco2 type 9 ltd, dcp type 50 kg, co2 type 33.5 kg, rubber inflatable boat 8 person cap integral make, rubber dingy 2 person cap integral make, bolt culter battery operated, door breaker, tree pruner telescopic stihl make, wood cutter petrol driven sthil 381 with extra chain, breathing apparatus set (scba) scott make sigma 2 type 2 with extra Cylinder/spansciani make with 20 mtr extension hose, trolly mounted air line a.a set, portable fire pump fire fly/integral septi make 275 lpm battery start, breathing apparatus set (scba) (indian) vijay saber centurian model, vijay saber make, bis standard with extra Cylinder, floating pump 900 lpm integral make, victim location search camera integral make, air blower petrol drivel integral make, smoke extractor petrol integral make, concrete chain saw stihl gs 461, head lamp zoom type, demolition hammer makita make, np canvas hose isi torrent 63 mm x 15 mt, synthetic hose isi armor 63 mm x 15 mt, gm m/f coup inst reg 63 mm, gm m/f coup inst isi aaag 63 mm, gi binding for hose, gi + cu double binding, gm short branch pipe, ci collecting breech, ci dividing breech, al lx foam branch 10x 450 lpm, gm triple nozzle: inst male 63 mm, gm navy nozzle inst male 63 mm, cu long branch inst male 63 mm, gm revolving nozzle inst male 63 mm, gm london pattern 63 mm, ms fire hook w/o bamboo, fire ax insulated to 20000v, pouch for fire axe, fg blanket 0.4. mm 550, pvc first aid kit s&e act, pvc first aid kit fact type a 00-10, psuit 2 layer (a+w), psuit 4 layer (a+mb+w+fr) reg 12000 d newtex, gloves full aluminized 600 d 14 inch, gloves elec id jyot tp 33000v wp 07500v, s-glass clear uc-pc lense chem splash type, 2 fold hand held stretcher with aluminum arms, 2 fold hand held stretcher with ms arms, gm adpt double male 63 mm, gm adpt double female 63 mm to fire station
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 52209773
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of lab chemicals & appratous, beaker 100 ml cap make-borosil, measuring flask 500 ml cap.make-borosil, conical flask 150 ml cap make-borosil, therma-meter 0-110 digree range alcohalic (zeal), moisture oven 1500 watt, therma-meter 0-250 digree cen.range mercuric (zeal), max- min. therma-meter (zeal), pole-tube 200 ml npl tested with certificate, pole tube 200 ml normal centre- fitting, npl-tested brix-hydro-meter 10-20 brix, pol tube 400 ml.cap. npl tested, hot plate superior quality with thermostate , dropping bottle 150 ml capacity, pippatte rubber (sensor) superior quality, enamelled bucket, enamelled mug 500 ml cap, kattle element 2000 watt for water distillation, enamelled bowl 1.5 ltrs cap (tasla), c.l.51 glass electrode for toshniwal ph-meter, ph-meter pocket, ph-comperator disc 5.8 to 7.2 ph range, ph-comperator graduated troff imported glass, lead sub-accetate- merk, ethonol/sprit, fehling solutio "b" merk/bdh /qualigens, uranyle-accetate for p2o5 cont, acetic acid-liquid, hydrochloric acid extra-pure, filter paper 18cms dia kalpi hand make for sugar special, merk/bdh/qualigens, b.t.b.solution merk/bdh/qualigens, standard ph-paper 4.6 to 8.00ph range, pattasium oxilate, di-sodium phosphate, lead acetate, silver nitrate, l-naphthol, test tube 1.5cm x 15 cm make- borosil, test tube 2.5cmx15 cm make- borosil, rubber tubing/plastic soft tube1.5cm bore (transparent), moisture oven- heating element, what man no. paper sheet, brush 01 feet long for bottle-cleaning, brush for pol-tube cleaning, test tube holder superior quality, phenophthaline indicator merk, funnal 7.5cms mouth dia with stem, mud flask 200 ml cap. make- borosil, glass rod (normal glass), plastic bucket cap (superior quality), copper Cylinder 01 ltrs cap for brix measuring, bx-hydrometer 0-10 brix range germany make.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 52078604
Closing Date 18 - Aug - 2022  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of dc panel spares, instrument spares, l & t make acb (800 amp & part-a), various type of purchase items and contract jobs, machinery spares. electrical goods & spares, brass liner, ss wire netting, nickel screen, acc, cgi & cc sheet, building material, insulation work with material, valve and cocks. #*. repair and rewinding of electric motors. #*. double beat valve. #*. boiler chemical. #*. heater element for sulphur furnace. #*. dm plant spares and chemicals. #*. gun metal material. #*. industrial gas. #*. industrial gas. #*. copper sheet. #*. ci reducer. #*. carbon brushes. #*. iron and steel. #*. annual maintenance contract of d. c. panel and ac vfd panel. #*. ibr pipes and 800 class valves. #*. boiler gauge glass. #*. air compressor spares. #*. ksb feed pump spares. #*. manpower for contract jobs, ip converter, water level controller, turbine rpm sensor with rpm indicator, positioner for prds valve, air regulator, rtd sensor, wire, indicator, thermocouple sensor, wire, copper tube, pressure gauge, manometer, temprature gauge, compound gauge, vaccum gauge, new thyristors model for dc panel, spare cards for analog dc panel, control, power, network card, spare module for dc panel, ht bolts with nuts, bricks, cement, sand, cruhser, lagging and insulation, iron and steel, ms square, flat, angle, channel, ion exchange, maxtreat, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, anion, cation, feed water and boiler water testing kit, ph meter, tds checking meter, aqua sol alkaunity, spare for ksb feed pump, balancing disc, counter balancing disc, flat gasket, o ring, collar, shaft, stage sleeve, spacer sleeve suction discharge, suction and discharge casing, spacer complete diffuser, bearing housing drive and non drive side, ss impeller, impeller, ci diffuser, wear ring, stuffing box, cooling cover, stage sleeve, flat gasket, sleeve, spacer ring, collar, ss impeller, diffuser, balancing and counter balancing dicc, shaft, bearing housing, spacer for impeller and diffusser, suction and discharge casing, casing wear ring, stufing box housing, cooling cover, cs socket, copper sheet and brass rod, gague glass with gasket, curved teeth flexible full gear coupling, hollow gun metal pipe, contract for lime sulphur handling, and apcd and etp, ci iron casting, brass liner and supporting liner, ingersoll rand air compressor model, valve inlet assembly, valve discharge assembly, ring packing double acting, ring scraper, o ring, channels and spring set, ring piston, m feed pump lubricator, air cooler, safety valve, filter air, seal crank lubricator, washer lock, assembly oil pump, heating elements for sulphur melting, clamp, air compressor, ring bearing, piston sealing, bearing, piston, strip valve, guide valve, screw grub hex skt, Cylinder, pin, bearing needle roller, gasket set, gasket, nipple grease, filter air, cirlip, element filter oil with o ring, air filter element, rubber for air cooler, spares for online monitoring system, bod led, ph electrode, analyser tube, pump tube, solenoid valve, peristatic pump rotor set, ms plate, ms angle.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5.75 Million approx. / 57.51 Lakh
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 51740410
Closing Date 17 - Aug - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply and installation of laboratory instruments - protein gel apparatus system / vertical electrophoresis system, horizontal electrophoresis system, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, master cycler (pcr machine), bottle top dispense for dispensing high concentrated chemical (5-50ml), real time pcr (qpcr), rotary evaporator, three gas analyser (ethylence analyser), micro controller based flame photometer, digital refractometer (sugar analysis), portable lux meter, handheld laser leaf area meter, digital fruit penetrometer, handheld ph and temperature tester, digital thermometer
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 51876345
Closing Date 17 - Aug - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply ,installation and testing of laboratory equipment conical flask – 100,250 ml, iodine value flask with lid- 100ml, 250ml, valumetric flask 1000ml, measuring Cylinder 10,25,50,100,100ml, beaker 50,100,250,1000 ml, pipette (graduated) 2,5,10,20,25, burettee 50 ml, evaporating dishes 4” & 6” diameater, crucible with lid 50ml, tongue, test tube1” &1/2” dia, glass rod 4,6 mm, flat or round bottom flask with side tube 250ml, specific gravity bottle 25ml, 1.0 ml., thermometer 1-100 c, desiccators, centrifuged tube with concical flask of 15 ml capacity, morter and pestle 3” diameter, chemicals, anilines 500ml, barbituric acid 100ml, copper sulphate ar2 500gm, ether 500ml, fused calcium cloride 500gms, hydrocloride acide 2.5 ltr, iodine 100 gms, isopropyl alchohol 2.5 ltr, litmus paper, methyline blue 100 gms, oxalic acid 500 gms, potassium dichromate 100gms, potassium iodide 100gms, resorcinol 200gms, sodium carbonate 500 gms, sodium hydroxide. 500gm, sodium potassium tartrate ar.500gms, sodium thiosulphate 500gmd, starch 500gm, sulphuric acid 2.5 ltr, instrument., honey refractometer digital, electronic analytical balance 150gm, muffle furnace, water distillation unit (ss) 2 lph, oven (air oven), water bath, spectrophotometer (double beam), abbe refractometer , centrifuge machine (2500 to 3000rpm), haemocytometer, microscope magnification (100:1000), freezer (1000 l ) , refrigerator , honey testing kit, miscellaneous (lpg gas Cylinder, test tube stand, burette stand, enamel tray etc), any additional items required for smooth functioning of the lab, supply, installation, testing , commissioning , trial run and training charge ( including all expenses for civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing work, transportation, loading and unloading , transit insurance, spares and consumables, workers compensation insurance ,all taxes ,etc),
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