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Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50225838
Closing Date 26 - Jul - 2022  |  31 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of general hardware, nut bolts, industrial paints, welding accessories, tools tackles, pipe & pipe fitting, packing jointing material, CI sluice valve, mechanical goods, non ferrous, CS casting, industrial gases, refractory materials, cane cutting knives & hammer, centrifugal machine spares, printing stationery, general stationery, platenery gear boxes, SS wire netting, brass liner, SS liner, supporting liner, rubber v belt, rubber goods, high flow pump spares, general electrical goods, lighting material, PVC cable, heavy chemical, lab chemical, ETP chemical & equipment, packing materials (stitching thread, tarpaulin, black polythene, sugar bag tag etc), transmission gear, ID fan, swing type hammer fiberizer, new hydraulic grab, sulfuret furnace, new sugar grader, vertical pump, SS single entry condenser, nickel screen, tube well pump with motor etc. #*. Dismantling of juice heaters of heating surface. #*. Boiler refractory masonry work. #*. Motor rewinding work. #*. Vacuum filter repairing/spares. #*. Annual maintenance contract of air compressor, stitching machine & sugar bag stacker. #*. Refilling of hydraulic accumulator (cylinder). #*. Annual maintenance contract of sugar bin system & spares. #*. Annual maintenance contract of main panel. #*. Work of centrifugal panel, panel protection relay. #*. Servicing of ACB panel etc. #*. Annual maintenance contract of digital RPM motor & boiler instruments, D super heater. #*. Annual maintenance contract for servicing of APFC, water imbibition system. #*. Annual maintenance contract of automatic drug level control system & PRDS system. #*. Repair of conveyor belt. #*. Servicing/overhauling of centrifugal machine PLC system, VFC drive panel. #*. Servicing of boiler RO plant & supply of materials. #*. Cleaning work of spray pond, ETP lagoon & surge tank. #*. Stone/roddy lying works. #*. Operation of ETP. #*. Stack monitoring of flue gases in boiler & operation work of wet scrubber. #*. Data transmission related work on server of CPCB/UPPCB/office. #*. Annual maintenance contract of various electronic weighbridges. #* Ash removal works in boilers. #*. Cleaning work of cane carrier. #*. Loading, unloading & shifting work of lime, sulphur & PP bags bales. #*. Removal, feeding & stacking work of baggase in mill. #*. Repair of conveyor belt in RCC column. #*. Cleaning work of boiling house. #*. Sinking work of brown sugar, BISS & sugar scrap. #*. Making of environmental & audit report, management plan and provide to UPPCB. #*. Fabrication & erection of boiler tubes, feed & steam pipe. #*. Fabrication & erection work on various stations of mill. #*. Construction of quad body foundation. #*. Loading, unloading & transportation of sugarcane. #*. Transportation of sulphur. #*. Sugar bag handling & dryer house related works. #Hindi
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 15.34 Million / 1.53 Crore approx.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 50446457
Closing Date 14 - Jul - 2022  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of dry chemical powder (map) mono ammonium phosphate base for fire fighting purpose at stps. #*. supply of fresh air fans, pedestal fan and wall mounting fans for plant and colony at sstps. #*. supply of caf jointing sheets at stps. #*. supply of gland packing. #*. supply of conveyor body liners of ball tube mill bbd-4772 at stps. #*. supply of industrial grade c-pvc(sch-80) pipes, fitting and valve for 33% conc. hydro cloric acid(hcl) storage, measuring system and vessels. #*. supply of valves in mill area of unit. #*. supply of girth gear assembly for ball tube mills bbd-4772 unit-i to vi. #*. supply of m.s.steel items at stps. #*. supply and etc of 03 nos air handling units (ahu) for central air conditioning unit. #*. “supply of shaft coupler (muff coupling) for ccw pumps (make-m/s kbl) in u#3,4,5 stage –ii & iii. #*. supply of spares for air compressors, model no. tbtd-qm installed in unit # i and model no. 2ha2qt installed in unit. #*. supply and etc of 03 nos. of frp (fiber reinforced plastic) tank mhl-1a,mhl-1b and mhl-2a for 33% concentrated hcl measuring at dm plant. #*. supply of mechanical seals for miscellaneous pumps installed in stage-ii & iv. #*. supply of schneider make switchgear spares at sstps. #*. supply of load cells for gravimetric raw coal feeder for c&i system. #*. supply of spares of trf make ring granulators & vibrator grizzly feeder of chp stage –i at sstps. #*. supply of toothed ring hammers for elecon make ring granulators. #*. purchase of 06 nos. 8v/500ah dry & uncharged lead acid e locomotive battery with acid for “san” make diesel hy locomotives no. 527. #*. supply of various spares for beml make bd155 bulldozers and be-71 hydraulic excavators. #*. supply of various type conveyor idler frames and brackets suitable for 1400 mm, 1800 mm width conveyor belts of chp. #*. supply and installation of 4 nos in line magnetic and 04 nos drive pully (non magnetic) for chp. #*. supply, installation, testing and commissioning of led aviation lights with flasher synchronization control and monitoring controller for chimney stage i, ii & iii at stps,. #*. supply of various types & sizes of lt & ht power cables, flexible cables, control cables at various. #*. “supply & renovation of ac vvvf based drive elevator installed. #*. supply of spares of plate heat exchangers model s-120 installed in stage-ii. #*. supply of laddu gur for employees of stps. #*. supply of lab miscellaneous items for the year 2022-23 at sstps. #*. supply of liquor ammonia for the year 2022-23. #*. supply of furniture. #*. supply of safety helmets. #*. supply & installation of water coolers. #*. supply of spares for cummins make diesel engines (nta855l 12 x400 hp) installed in san locomotive. #*. supply of spherical roller thrust bearing for hp pumps and ash slurry pumps for unit 1 & 2.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.89 Million approx. / 48.98 Lakh
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50496983
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of bottom ash hopper feed gate power cylinder. #*. various work during coh u-7 c&i. #*. work of technical services of testing & qualification of electronic module. #*. work of servicing of motorized valve actuators. #*. work procurement of seal air fan control dumper f 10 rotary positioner. #*. providing, fixing & testing of coal flow management system for coal bunkers. #*. annual work contract of providing sufficient manpower for segregation of big size coal lumps foreign material grilling from bunker grill. #*. supply of special high temperature grease. #*. annual maintenance of 220v, 360v ups battery set. #*. supply of sodium chloride ar grade for chemical treatment. #*. work of providing sufficient manpower for chockup removal of boiler feeder. #*. supply, erection & commissioning of energy chain system for side arm charger. #*. supply & fitting of various shoots ss liners. #*. supply of spares recovered for m/s jyoti make vm pump of khadka & noikota pump house. #Marathi
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 13.50 Million / 1.35 Crore
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50254669
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract for work of maintenance of ACC fan gearbox at gtps. #*. Annual maintenance contract for providing assisting services for gas turbine internal inspection and air intake filters replacement work at gtps. #*. Work contract for erection / replacement of overhead / underground mserw pipeline at wtp, gtps. #*. Work of overhauling of radiator bank and replacement of existing transformer cooling fan control panel with provided new control panel of whrp unit – B0 generator transformer at gtps. #*. Providing assisting services (of semi skilled manpower) required on as and when required basis for G.T and whrp maintenance work at mm gtps. #*. Supply of bulk chemicals sodium hypochlorite, hydrated lime, bleaching powder, liquor ammonia & non ferric alum for W.T plant at GTPS. #*. Work of overhauling and testing of GT unit – 8 generator at gtps.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50458488
Closing Date 29 - Jun - 2022  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of condenser fan blade #*. condenser fan blade for rmpu of lhb variant ac coaches having physical, mechanical &chemical properties as per rdso spec. no: rdso / spec/ac/0061-2005 rev-1). makes: multiwing / everfine/ hascon or latest railway approved make for the item. note: authorization certificate from oem/ theirauthorized dealer to be attached with the tender.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar Tenders Ref.No 45026991
Closing Date 15 - Aug - 2021  |  314 Days ago View Tender Details
supply of machine tools, equipment, chemical equipments, glasswares, Miscellaneous Materials , publication and printing, stationary, models and charts, electrical material, miscellaneous work and other stuff - absolute alcohol bottle- 01 lit., blood group reagent 05 ml, distilled water bottle - 05 ltr., leishman stain bottle- 500 ml, nacl 1% bottle- 500 ml, n/lohcl bottle- 500 ml, spirit bottle 01 lit., platelet diluting fluid- 500 ml, pilot's solution for absolute eosinophil count- 500 ml, dunger’s fluid for absolute eosinophil count- 500 ml, vital stain- 500 ml, phenol red indiacator liquid- nice/bdh - 100 ml., sodium carbonate anhydrous- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 gm., glacial acetic acid (analar)- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 ml., benedicts uric acid reagent- qualigen/nice/fisher - 250 ml., phenolphthaline indicator solution- qualigen/nice/fisher - 100 ml., ammonium hydroxide- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 ml., ammonium molybdate- qualigen/nice/fisher - 250 ml., pottasium oxalate- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 ml., ammonium sulphate salt- qualigen/nice/fisher - 500 gm., sodium nitroprusside salt- qualigen/nice/fisher - 100 gm., benzidine powder (analar)- qualigen/nice/fisher - 100 gm., hydrogen peroxide- qualigen/nice/fisher - 250 ml., serum creatinine kit (for semi auto analizer)- seimens / accurex / transasia / coral, tryglyceride kit- seimens / accurex / transasia / coral, total protein kit- seimens / accurex / transasia / coral, distilled water (not deionized grade 2 water)- qualigen/nice/fisher 5 ltr. per jar, surgical gloves ( no- 08), ethanol (absolute alcohal), xylene, glass slide (75mm x 25mm), cover slip (22mmx50mm), slide box plastic, xylocaine- 1%, xylocaine-02%, sprit, pap stain, round bandaid, permanent slide marker, diamond pencil marker, name sticker, funnel plastic/ glass, cotton, pasteur pipette, glacial acetic acid (500ml), filter paper (whattman no.-l), acetone, distilled water, blood lancet, benedict’s solution, urine multistix strip, ton split ac with stabilizers (6 kva)- lg/samsung/hitachi, 1.5 ton split ac with stabilizers (6 kva)- lg/samsung/hitachi, audio system (demonstartion room) with amplifier, speakers, colar mike, cordless mike & 4 speakers- yamaha/bose/ahuja, stand fan, wall fan, led bulb, tube light, electric wire plastic (copper), room heater (bajaj), power plug 15 amp/ 5 amp a, tester, tape / roll, blower heat blower bajaj, electric kettle, cfl bulb (18w-20w-30w, 80w,36w), extension board, online ups with battery , inverter with double battery, stainless steel table with marble top:6ft 1 inc x 2ft x 3ft, drill machine, hand saw, band saw for sectioning body, stools. prefarcbly metal, brain knife, mortuary cooler suitable for 8 body, plastic tanks for storing dissected parts: 3ft x 2ft x 2ft, trolly table: steel light, projectors including overhead projectors, x-ray viewing lobby, meat cutting machine, microscope: monocular, dissection microscope, cabinet for slides: capacity, incubator, paraffin embedding bath, hot plates for flattening sections, hot air oven for dry ing slidcs(45 decree c}, balance: analytical capacity 200gm, balance: capacity 6kg, diamond pencils, 7 colour marking pencils, skeleton: articulated, skeleton: disarticulated, specimen jar, embalming machine, computed desktop) with printer! photocopier), spirit, glycerol, carbolic acid 5l, haematoxylin: staining agent 100ml, eosin: staining agent 100ml, smart tv(55 inch), drill machine- half standard size, hand saw- half standard size, band saw for sectioning body- half standard size, brain knife- half standard size, mortuary cooler- suitable for 8 bodies, plastic tanks for storing dissected parts- 3’ x 2’ x 2’, trolly table - steel light, projectors including overhead projectors-, x-rav viewing lobby, induction cooker, refrigerator- 540 ltr. frost free. double door, deioniser plant - with 10 ltr. tank & producing grade 2 water, micropipette variable with stand- 10 - 100 ul. bis + ce certified. accuracy certified gurantce card. as per iso 8655, micropipette variable with stand- 100 - 1000 ul. bis + ce certified. accuracy certified gurantee card, as per iso 8655, micropipette tips- 100 - 1000 ul-, laptop- intel core i7, 32gb ram. 15 inch display full hd. 1 tb ssd. graphics card nvidia ge force, hp laser jet pro mfp m 128 fvv- print speed upto 21 ppm, black)- hp, mercury lab themiameter- ooc - 2500c. mercury themiameter, bottle top dispensor research model fully autoclavable as iso 8655 with adaptor- vol. range - 0.5 - 5.0 ml., increament - 0.10 ml., with adoptor, digital colorimeter, visible spectophotometer, ire extinguisher stand, constant temperature water bath- 50 - 800c, vortex mixture, boiling water bath, urinometer calibrated- mercury based, hot air oven- more than 200 ltr., centrifuge 32 tube- thermofisher / remi centrifuge 16 tube- thermofisher / remi, deep fridge 540 litres- voltas/thermofisher, research centrifuge high speed- thermofisher / remi, calorimeter digital- coleparmer/systronics/ electro
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