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Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50117615
Closing Date 14 - Sep - 2022  |  76 Days to go View Tender Details
Fabrication & Erection Work in Different House. #*. Supply of Industrial Gas, refractory items. #*. rewinding of motors. #*. Supply of v-belt, hardware items, industrial paint berter make, pipe & pipe fitting, nut & boil, tools & tackles, rubber goods, air compressor spares & servicing, packing & jointing, CI sluice valves, cast steel items, electrical items, PVC wire, electrical fitting, cleaning equipment, vacuum Filter spares, instrument spares & Annual maintenance contract, CI/GM casting items, cane cutting knives & hammer holder, high flow pump spares. #*. dismantling fabrication and erection of high pressure boiler. #*. Supply of helical gear kirlosker pneumatic make, CF machine spares. #*. Supply of stitching machine spares & Annual maintenance contract. #*. Supply of lubricator spares, electrical motor, nickel screen, cables, stitching thread/polythene and polyproplene, teg for sugar bag, brass liner & wirenetting, lab chemical & apparatus, heavy chemical. #*. sulphur transportation. #*. bagasse feeding work. #*. sugar handling work. #*. boiler & DM plant chemicals & supervision work. #*. Annual maintenance contract work of ACB DC drive control pannel, PLC of ACFC system, PLC of centrifugal machines, ABB make pannels, SPM monitoring of boilers & data transferring system. #*. scientific operation of overflow. #*. operation of ETP as per norms of CPCB/UPPCB. #*. Annual maintenance contract/work real time water monitoring system & data transfer. #*. procurement of grant of water consent from UPPCB lko year 2022 & 23. #*. Providing air concent and necessary direction for operation of vat scrubber season 2021-22 & 2022-23. #*. removal of fly ash, store handling, cleaning of cane carrier & CC drive. #*. cleaning of quad JH heater, pan in season & off season, spray pond & ETP cleaning, shifting of bags per shift in drier house.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50319114
Closing Date 08 - Sep - 2022  |  70 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cleaning equipment. #*. machinery and refectory work in all boilers. #*. Supply and installation of CCTV web camera. #*. Supply of hardware material, MS nut bolt, bagasse/mud/mill/sugar elevator belt, tools and tackles, welding accessories, CI/CS/GM valve, high pressure boiler steam valve for 4 TPH boilers, MS pipe and fitting. #*. DM plant chemical supply and repair/overhauling/annual maintenance contract work. #*. Supply of anti prime SS finse for boilers. #*. vacuum Filter spares and services. #*. ingarsolarraind make air compressor spares and services/annual maintenance contract. #*. Supply of general electrical goods, lighting material, MS copper, aluminium wire, boiler refectory. CI/CS/GM casting, cane cutting knife and hammers. #*. Repair work of centrifugal machine plau and high flow pump rotor and Supply of spares. #*. Repair work of turbine accumulator and governor. #*. Supply of wire netting, welding gases, high flow pump spares, sulphur furnace and FRP pipe spares, rubber goods, bookram tag, ACFC ambition system of mill turbine speed automation. #*. services/annual maintenance contract of sugar bag stitching machine and Supply of spares. #*. overhauling and Annual maintenance contract of boiler instrument. #*. Supply of pressure and dialogue. #*. rewinding of electric motor and DG set alternator. #*. checking, testing, calibration, alternator, alignment and overhauling work of power house panel, ACB relay etc. #*. Supply of tissue culture lab chemical and equipment. #*. printing and supply of stationary. #*. supply and fitting of electronic conversion kit. #*. Annual maintenance contract of forks on supply center and mill gate. #*. Supply of mechanical way-bridge spares. #*. servicing/overhauling/repair work of AC. #*. store material handling. #*. Supply of labour. #*. Transportation of manure. #*. Supply of heavy chemical, lab chemical and equipment, black polythene sheet and poly proplin sheet, bag stitching thread cone, sugar bag trolley and spares. #*. Operation of wet scrubber, ETP. #*. Galai work of BISS/brown/scrap sugar/dust roddy and cleaning work of centrifugal house, hopper, grader, crystallizer syrup/molasses tank, pan gutter. #*. brawn sugar filling work in bags. #*. scrapping/cleaning work of boiling house equipment. #*. cleaning work of pan/evooperator bodies. #*. Repair work of chemical cleaning and shaft and gutter. #*. Supply of juice heater tubes. #*. handling of lime and sulphur. #*. ash removal work of boiler wet scrubber. #Hindi
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50001241
Closing Date 10 - Aug - 2022  |  41 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of oxygen gas refectory material and cleaning equipment. #*. high-flow pump spares cane unloader spares motor rewinding work. #*. mill cylinder refilling instrument spares rubber goods. #*. vaccum Filter spares and repair air compressor spares and repair work. #*. Supply of centrifugal machine spare, gun metal CI and cast steel casting, cane cutting knife hammer, highbridge tips V belt general electrical PVC cable motor and lighting, general hardware, nut-bolt, tools, tackles, welding accessories, packing and joints CI sluice, bulb, industrial paint. #*. loading & unloading work of store materials. #*. Annual maintenance contract of sugar staching machine & stacker spares. #*. mill house and boiling house and boiler fabrication and erection work. #*. cleaning and refectory work of boiler tubes. #*. Supply of lab chemical & equipment, SS wireneting and copper liner. #*. Transportation of nickel screen megna flock sulphur. #*. Supply of heavy chemical, black polythene, tarpaulin & thread. #Hindi
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50225838
Closing Date 26 - Jul - 2022  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of general hardware, nut bolts, industrial paints, welding accessories, tools tackles, pipe & pipe fitting, packing jointing material, CI sluice valve, mechanical goods, non ferrous, CS casting, industrial gases, refractory materials, cane cutting knives & hammer, centrifugal machine spares, printing stationery, general stationery, platenery gear boxes, SS wire netting, brass liner, SS liner, supporting liner, rubber v belt, rubber goods, high flow pump spares, general electrical goods, lighting material, PVC cable, heavy chemical, lab chemical, ETP chemical & equipment, packing materials (stitching thread, tarpaulin, black polythene, sugar bag tag etc), transmission gear, ID fan, swing type hammer fiberizer, new hydraulic grab, sulfuret furnace, new sugar grader, vertical pump, SS single entry condenser, nickel screen, tube well pump with motor etc. #*. Dismantling of juice heaters of heating surface. #*. Boiler refractory masonry work. #*. Motor rewinding work. #*. Vacuum Filter repairing/spares. #*. Annual maintenance contract of air compressor, stitching machine & sugar bag stacker. #*. Refilling of hydraulic accumulator (cylinder). #*. Annual maintenance contract of sugar bin system & spares. #*. Annual maintenance contract of main panel. #*. Work of centrifugal panel, panel protection relay. #*. Servicing of ACB panel etc. #*. Annual maintenance contract of digital RPM motor & boiler instruments, D super heater. #*. Annual maintenance contract for servicing of APFC, water imbibition system. #*. Annual maintenance contract of automatic drug level control system & PRDS system. #*. Repair of conveyor belt. #*. Servicing/overhauling of centrifugal machine PLC system, VFC drive panel. #*. Servicing of boiler RO plant & supply of materials. #*. Cleaning work of spray pond, ETP lagoon & surge tank. #*. Stone/roddy lying works. #*. Operation of ETP. #*. Stack monitoring of flue gases in boiler & operation work of wet scrubber. #*. Data transmission related work on server of CPCB/UPPCB/office. #*. Annual maintenance contract of various electronic weighbridges. #* Ash removal works in boilers. #*. Cleaning work of cane carrier. #*. Loading, unloading & shifting work of lime, sulphur & PP bags bales. #*. Removal, feeding & stacking work of baggase in mill. #*. Repair of conveyor belt in RCC column. #*. Cleaning work of boiling house. #*. Sinking work of brown sugar, BISS & sugar scrap. #*. Making of environmental & audit report, management plan and provide to UPPCB. #*. Fabrication & erection of boiler tubes, feed & steam pipe. #*. Fabrication & erection work on various stations of mill. #*. Construction of quad body foundation. #*. Loading, unloading & transportation of sugarcane. #*. Transportation of sulphur. #*. Sugar bag handling & dryer house related works. #Hindi
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50229168
Closing Date 21 - Jul - 2022  |  21 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cs casting/conversion, ci/gm casting, casting of gun metal bearing, industrial gas, rubber goods refectory item, rebinding of motors, heavy chemicals, general electrical goods, lighting goods, black polythene sheet, poly polypropylene sheet, shred sugar bag trolley & wheel. #*. tools and tackles, nut bolts, hardware items, rubber v.velts, packing jointing, c.i. sluice valve, pbc cable, nickel screen, cane cutting, knife, hammer, centrifugal copper liner, tube cleaning equipment, stationery printing, stationery. #*. supply of balding accessories, paints, balancing and ultrasonic testing, vacuum Filter spares/repair, compressor spares/repairs checking, refilling, hydraulic cylinders. #*. lagging work, seed slurry work. #*. all work related to engineering / manufacturing department. #*. refractory masonry work in boiler. #*. boiler retubing work and other works. #*. sulfur transport mathura and panipat refinery to mill store. #hindi
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.99 Lakh approx.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 50666016
Closing Date 19 - Jul - 2022  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
1) laying of Filtered water supply main by 100 mm dia m.s. pipe at chetla park water reservoir in ward no.-82. #*. 2) restoration of f.w. supply by repairing of leakage on existing 300mm dia. Filtered water reserve main on barat bose road near 194. #*. 3) restoration of damaged existing f.w. service main from 160c to 173, kankulia road in ward no.-90. #*. 4) improvement of water supply network by supply and laying of 100mm dia d.i. pipe at green view from 62 b.h. road to 134/39/3 in ward no.-144. #*. 5) strengthening of existing 500mm dia c.1. f/w reserve main by m.s. jacketing at motilal gupta road near baidyapara k.m.c. school in ward no.-123. #*. 6) interconnection of 250mm dia ms air blower pipeline between Filter house 1 & 3 at jai hind jal prakalpa. #*. 7) capacity building of electrical power supply to lt panel installed at process control house of jai hind jal prakalpa. #*. 8) maintenance of corroded ms structures, pipelines, railings & windows with other allied works at raw water pump house of jai hind jal prakalpa. #*. 9) defect repairing of three numbers vacant quarters of m block of tps before further allotment. #*. 10) electrical work for illumination and utility at security room, gate, park circus valve area at station 3 of tps. #*. 11) cleaning and repairing of clear water duct below the Filter bed no.-8 b with other allied works at wtp-iv, grww. #*. 12) repairing with replacement of non functional old defunct electrical parts of chemical house motor panels, sub panels with other allied works at wtp-ii, grww. #*. 13) renovation and chemical treatment of floor area of eastern side of coagulant storage room of wtp-iv, grww. #*. 14) cleaning and repairing of clear water duct below the Filter bed no.-8 b with other allied works at wtp-iv, grww. #*. 15) repairing with replacement of non functional old defunct electrical parts of chemical house motor panels, sub panels with other allied works at wtp-ii, grww. #*. 16) renovation and chemical treatment of floor area of eastern side of coagulant storage room of wtp-iv, grww. #*. 17) improvement of unFilter water supply by changing 100mm dia d.i. pipe at 8 & 9 gangadhar babu lane bustee in ward no.-47. #*. 18) operation and up-keeping of piant at netajinagar head works. #*. 19) development of Filter water by overhauling pump no. 5 at gj. khan booster pumping station. #*. 20) development work by contruction of septic tank and other allied plumbing & sanitary works at behala booster pumping station in ward no.- 128. #*. 21) development by installation of 02 nos. 150mm dia rising sluice valve by replacing old malfunctioning sluice valve at nagendra udayan capsul booster pumping station in ward no.-130. #*. 22) development by installation of 02 nos. 150mm dia rising sluice valve by repiacing old malfunctioning sluice valve at parnasree govt. quater capsul booster pumping station in ward no.-132. #*. 23) electrical installation for 01 no. 20 hp submersible pump motor in pump floor at parnasree booster pumping station in ward no.-132. #*. 24) electrical installation for 01 no. 20 hp submersible pump motor above roof top of sump at senpally booster pumping station in ward no.-129. #*. 25) installation of r.o. plant for drinking water at kendriya vidyalaya command hospital. #*. 26) improvement of backup power distribution system and illumination system at town hall kolkata. #*. 27) procurement of 650 nos. bamboo of 6m length & 3" dia for horticulture related works under p&s department. #*. 28) necessary repairing of bellmouth, cable gland, terminal jointing etc. of 240 cusec groundfos make submersible pump unit-2 at swf station and replacement of damaged bearings of 240 hp pump unit with allied works of pbps (dr.vs&d). #*. 29) thorough repairing of road surface including laying hot mix at kambullatala lane in ward no.-10. #*. 30) thorough repairing of road surface including laying hot mix at old mayor ct in ward no.-10. #*. 31) repairing and overhauling of one number band saw machine and two number circular saw machine including necessary spare parts under ews. #*. 32) cleaning of scrap materials from fbs and paint section under ews and disposing the same at condemn yard under supply deptt. of kmc.
Sector Dairy Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 50519989
Closing Date 18 - Jul - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
supply, installation & commissioning of bmc tank. #* supply, installation, testing & commissioning of security video surveillance system with accessories. #* supply of s s pipes & fittings. #* supply of s.s tray, tables & stools. #* supply of nandini paneer pouches. #* supply of laboratory equipments and chemical on arc. #* supply of disposable mouth mask. #* supply of industrial safety hoes. #* supply of automatic ghee tin filing machine. #* supply and installation of thermal ink jt printer. #( supply of metal detector. #* supply of nylon and cotton Filter bags.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.64 Million approx. / 16.46 Lakh
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50583693
Closing Date 17 - Jul - 2022  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of various Filters of cummins engine kt-1150-c, nta 855lbc & vta28l fitted on bulldozer & locomotives. #*. work of replacement of various types of high pressure hydraulic hoses of fans and coal mill bbd-4772 at 250 mw tps. #*. procurement of rtd& thermocouple along with thermowell at tps. #*. annual work contract of providing assistance for store keeping, office maintenance & allied work at ahp tps. #*. work contract for providing assistance for attending day to day electrical lighting work of coal handling plant 2x250 mw, tps. #*. procurement of submersible pumps along with control panel at various locations for tm section, 2 x 250 mw tps. #*. cleaning mechanically various dia sewage tanks, main line by means of vaccum forced cleaning machine in plant and colony at paras. #*. repairing/servicing of cw discharge valve hydraulic cylinder and powerpack during overhaul of unit no. 4 at 250 mw tps. #*. providing and application of chemical resistance coating, internal surface of condensate storage tank (cst) of unit no.4 at tps. #*. work of replacement of ceramic lined pipes & bends of discharging piping of coal mill during coh unit-4 of 250 mw at tps. #*. design, supply & installation of hastelloy seals set with support bars and hardware's for hot air shut-off gate of bbd-4772 type coal mill of 2x250 mw units at tps. #*. procurement of thermal insulation rockwool mattresses and gi cladding metal sheet for coh of unit-4 boiler at tps. #*. procurement of hydrogen seal rings (turbine end & exciter end) of 250mw kwu generator at tps. #*. procurement of plain gi sheets for steam lines insulation work and air washery duct repairs during overhaul of 250mw unit at tps.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50518621
Closing Date 15 - Jul - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of laboratory chemicals reagents and kits - blotting grade blocker 300gm, cat. no. 1706404, nitrocellulose membrane, precut, 0.45 µm, 15 x 15 cm,, cat. no. 1620116, pkg of 10, precision plus protein, all blue prestained protein standards 500µl., cat. no. 1610373, 4-20% mini-protean tgx precast protein gels, 10well, 50µl,, cat. no. 4561094 (biorad), tgs buffer 10x, 1 ltr., cat. no. 1610732, tris-acetate sds running buffer 20x, 500ml, cat. no. pg-1400al, precision plus protein dual colour standard (10-250kda), cat. no. 1610374 s, 4x laemmli sample buffer, cat. no. 1610747, precision plus unstained standard (10-250kda), cat. no. 1610363, 2-mercaptoethanol 25ml, cat. no. 1610710, antioxidant for proteins, 15ml, cat. no. pg-5000pn, sds, 100g, cat. no. 1610301, ammonium persulfate (aps), 10g, cat. no. 1610700, temed, 50ml, cat. no. 1610801, resolving buffer 1.5m, tris-hcl ph8.8, 1 ltr., cat. no. 1610798, stacking gel buffer, 0.5m tris hcl, ph-6.8, 1ltr., cat. no. 1610799, acrylibis 37.5:1, 30% soln, 500ml, cat. no. 1610158 reg nda.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50657300
Closing Date 09 - Jul - 2022  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of respirators, chemical, cartridge (q3)
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