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Live Food Grain online Tenders in India. Get all the latest Food Grain Tender Document. Food Grain Tender Corrigendum and News from all the Government Dept and Private Company across India

Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 56675374
Closing Date 25 - Feb - 2024  |  269 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of the Products - 1. Milk and Milk Products/ ice- Cream Snacks/ indian Sweets/ Local Brewadi, Vegetables & Fruits, Meat products, Pork, Mutton Chicken & Eggs etc., Sea Food, Groceries, Press ions & Packed Food Stuff, General & Cleaning items, gel fuel & charcoal, Chemicals, Stationery & Computer Stationery Consumables. 8. fresh Flowers. 3.General Hardware! Electrical items for the period 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2024/
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 60452158
Closing Date 08 - Jun - 2023  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of different services & materials like ration material, vegetable & fruit, sweet, smaosa, namkeen, bread, butter, pastry, paneer, milk, stitching of uniform, washing & press work of cloth, hair cutting, repair & maintenance of building, Annual maintenance contract of computer, photostat machine, RO system, daily usable material, gas pipe line fitting work in mess & chemical laboratory, vehicle on hire, contract for shop for the year 2023-24. #Hindi Image
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 60492735
Closing Date 06 - Jun - 2023  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale of Depot Ferrous Scrap (null) - 98090800 Scrap Released M.s. Ferrous Coach Cuttings and Other Ferrous Light Junk Kachra Related Scrap I.e. Coach Cuttings, Coach Doors , Seat Frames , Bearth/seat Frames, Light Head Stock Cuttings, Train Lighting Fittings, Side Lamps Lamp Hand Signal, Fittings, Tail Lamp Fittings, Cft/tl Light Fittings, Ictp/icfp Empty Swich Boxes Tail Lamps, Tube Light Fittings, Tube Light Jali, Fan Blades, Fan Jali, Fan Guards, Fan Ribs, Fan Rings, Empty Power Pannels, Signal Platform, Destination Board, Valley Board, Letter Board, Ms /ci Signal Base Unit , Loc, Dismantled Inner Cooler, Nut Bolts and Other Hardwares, Heavily Damaged and Corroded Steel Furniture Such as Locker, Cupboard, Chairs Etc. Ms Measuring Cans, Tins, Racks, Brake Pipes, Silencer of Tower Wagon, Dust Bin, Ms Pipe and Cut Pcs. of Ms Pipes, Rods , Ms Bars Released From Broken Constructin, Compressor Spring, Wire /coil Springs, Ms Rope Wire, Pcs. of Brake Beam Pipes, Stands, Corroded, Damaged Ms Angles, Chanels, Flats Pcs. of Cable Racks/laders Ms Brackets , Dust Bin Stand , Tin Fuse Box, Fire Extinguisher, Empty Glow Sign Boards, Empty Electrical Pannel, Ms Stand, Oven, Earthing Patti, Empty Cable Tray, Fly Catcher, Galvanized Patra /sheet and Their Cut Offs , Plain/corrugated / Toughened Sheets and Its Cut Pcs. Such as Strips, Patties, Patra, Rings, Coils, Boxes, Rusty and Broken Ms Plates and Thir Pcs., , Ms Broken Tank, Ms Brake Control Cover, Patra, Angle, Small Springs, Pins, Wire Coil, Collapsible Doors, Shuters and Gates, and Shutters and Their Parts/cut Offs, Grills , Chain, Channel Grills, Compound /bridge Jali with Or Without Frame, Ms Fencing and Their Parts, Fencing Patties, Angle Pcs., Frames, Wire Mesh, G.i./ms Pipes and Tubes , Tubes and Their Cut Pcs, Damaged Gi/ Ms Pipes/rods/tubes and Their Pcs. , Ms/galvanised Boxes, Junction Box, Switch Boxes, Empty Convertor, Payary (steps), Filters, Rings, Nut Bolts, U Clips, Pipe Pin, Gate M/c Dismentled, Liquid Container, Damaged Video Boxes and Their Cut Offs, Crt Cabinet, Location Boxes , Jumper, Jumper Box, Ground Connections , Basket Steel, Water Cane/ Material Carring Trolley, Steel Baskets, Containers, Trays, Frames, Stretchers, Nets/ Jali , Released Ground Connection, Halogen, Panto Pans, Compressor Spares, Dust Guard, Air Filters , Filters and Filter Covers, Ms/gi Duct and Its Parts, Insulating Armature of Signal Cable, Ci/ms Signal Base Unit, Hand Lamps, Side Lamps, Signal Lamps, Petromax, Hs Lamp, Heavily Rusted/damaged/pressed Drums of Various Sizes and Their Cut Pcs. Partially Filled Or Coated with Grease, Paint Other Oil /chemical From Inside, Paint/varnish Tins Empty/partially Filled with Paint and Tins 5 Liters and Other Drums of Various Capacity, Hospital Misc. Items, Stretcher, Stretcher Bar, Broken Umbrella, Damaged, Cattle Guard and Its Pcs., Helmets, Hot Plate Empty Body, Clamps, Signal Post, Signal Platform, Signal Base, Ms/ Gi Wire/ Coil, Funnels, Wall Protectors, Boxes, Rusted and Damaged Iron Bar Pcs Released From Broken Construction , Wheels, Desmantelled Weighing Machines Parts/covers Etc. Ms Pipe with Or Without Ci Attachment, Bins, Plates, Rings, Spares/parts /body of Weighing Machine , Platform Weighing Machine and Its Parts, Pressure Switches and Other Switches , Signal Parts, Location Boxes and Their Cut Parts and Other Ferrous Misc. Scrap Items with Or Without Minor Nf/ss/wooden/rubber/rexine Attachments of Sorts and Sizes, Broken and Damaged, U/s for Rly. Use, Excluding Items: Rail and Rail Pcs., Axles and Axle Pcs., Wheel Tyre and Pcs., Cam Shafts, Helical Springs, Bolster Springs, Buffer Plungers, Face Plates, Axle Box Housings/ Casings, Screw Couplings/draw Bar Hooks, Break Beams, Reservoir Tanks, St Sleepers and Other Nf Items, Lbp. (custodian: Dms/mm). Note : Hammering/pressing/cold Cutting/gas Cutting is Permitted for Easy Loading Only.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60179924
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Miscellaneous Items for Police Lines Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate. #*. Stationery Articles, Pipe Line Repairing Articles, Electrical Articles and Feeding Items for Dog Squad, All-out Liquidator Machine, All-out Liquidator, All-out Machine with Liquadator, Alluminium Can (big Size), Alluminium Degchi (raja), Alluminium Frying Pan (taj), Alluminium Gamla (taj), Alluminium Handi (raja), Alluminium Karai (raja), Alluminium Nouka / Rice Tub (raja), Alluminium Plain Sheet , Alluminium Saucepan (raja), Alluminiun Bucket (12") (raja), Alluminiun Bucket (14") (raja), Alluminiun Jug (raja), Alluminiun Tea Kettle (raja), Amplifier (ahuja, Ssb-80 M), Application for Distemper (asian Paint) to Wall Surface with Meterials , Arial (1 Kg), Arial (500 Gm), Arrowrot, Asbestos Sheet 2.5’x10’ (everest), Asbestos Sheet 2.5’x12’ (everest), Axe, Badminton Net (falcon), Brasso 250 Ml, Badminton Nylon Shuttle Cock ,mavis -500(yonex), Badminton Racket (yonex , Gr -303), Badminton Racket (yonex, Carbonex 6 Super), Badminton Racket String, Bamboo Big Size, Bamboo Ladder 20 Fit., Barbed Wire, Basin ( Hind Wear), Basin External Pipe 4ft., Battery Medium (eveready), Battery Calling Bell (eveready), Battery Pencil (eveready), Battery Remote (eveready), Beat Coke 3/4" (good Quality), Bed Sheet 5’x7’ (bombay Dying), Belcha Big (tata), Bleaching Powder , Belcha Medium (tata), Bib Cock 2 -in -1, Bib Cock (brass), Bib Cock (steel), Binocular (1.5 K.m.range)- Nikon, Bitumin (pitch), Black Board Wooden (3’x4’), Blue Vitriol 100 Gm, Black Granite Stone with Engraving, Black Paper, Blade for Hacksaw, Blue Liquid (robin), Blue (robin), Bone Dust, Bowl Big (laopala), Bowl Small (laopala), Box Squre Flag Stand Good Quality Wooden Frem ,size 1’x1’x1’3” Finshed By Brass Sheet with Brass Top(8 Pcs) & Brass Chain (with Logo Front Side), Branch Cutter, Brass Chain (good Quality), Brass Tub (for Flower) 12”, Brass Tub (for Flower) 14”, Brick, Brick, Broom Stick, Brown Cades (ajanta), Brown Target Paper (4’x4’), Brush for Painting (3 Inch), Brush for Painting (4 Inch), Brush Holder, Big Saw, Ball Pen, Comfort 1ltr Bottle, Cane Lathi 3', Cane Busket, Carbolic Acid 100 Ml, Casarol (cello) 5 Ltrs, Curpet Jute, Cutter Blade, Carpet Nylon, Carrom Board 48" Good Quality, Carrom Board 52" Good Quality, Ceiling Board 2'/2', Cello Tape, Cement (acc) -50 Kgs. Bag, Cement (ambuja) -50 Kgs. Bag, Cement Piller 6 Ft., Ceremonial Dress for Police Band Personeel with All Items Like (shoe, Cap, Belt, Trouser, Shirt, Lynerd), Chaki & Belna, Chalk-pencil, Clip, Clip Board, Cloro Rubber Paint White (berger/salimer), Coal –tar, Coasters, Coir String, Colin Spray -500 Ml, Colour Washing with Best Quality Meterials, Compas, Connector Pipe, Corner Flag (best Quality), Corner Self 8”x 8”, Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x10’(jindal), Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x12’ (jindal), Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x6’(jindal), Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x8’(jindal), Cord Less Microphone Battery (hi-watt-9 Volt), Cow Dung, Cricket Bat Duse, Cricket Bat Tennis, Cricket Elbow Guard, Cricket Helmet (isi), Cricket Pad, Cricket Thigh Guard, Cricket Wicket, Curpet Nylon (belgium), Curtain Pipe 2"/3" Dia, Curtain Best Quality, Curtain Medium Quality, Curtain with All Equipment, Chain Saw, Curtain Socket, Cement Nud, Cinthol Soap, Cloth Mask, Dove Soap, D.a.p Fertilizer, Dendrite 100 Gm, Dettol Liquied -500 Ml, Dettol Liquid Hand Wash 215 Ml, Dettol Soap -125 Gm., Dinner Set (laopala), Dinner Plate (laopala), Full Plate, Dinner Plate (laopala), Half Plate, Dinner Set Big Size (laopala), Discus -1 Kg (nelco), Discus -2 Kg (nelco), Distemper Coloured, Distemper Coloured, Distemper White, Distemper Blue, Door Chitkeni, Door Closer (isi), Door Handle , Door Kabja, Door Mat Coir, Door Mat Iron Net, Door Mat Synthetic, Door Reparing with All Fitting, Drain Brush, Drain Brush with Lathi 6', Drill Machine Set, Dustbin Plastic Big Size, Duster (cloth), Earthen Flower Tub (14''), Ezee, Easey of Bang 500 Ml, Elamati, Electrict Kettle (bajaj), Emari Paper, Empty Cement Bag, Empty Oil Dram 200 Ltrs., Exhaust Fan (havels) Medium Size, Exhaust Fan (havels) Small Size, Electric Heater, Fevicol/ddl, Fiber Full Plate, Fiber Half Plate, Fire Extinguisher Bucket, Figuer 11 Target Paper .38 Revolver, Fire Extinguisher Bucket Stand (iron), Refilling of Co2 Cylinderical Type 9 Litres Capacity Fire Extinguisher Complete with All Fitting and One Filling., Refiling of Dry Chemical Powder Cylindrical Type Up to 3.5 Kg Capacity Fire Extinguisher Complete with All Fitting and One Filling, Refilling of Fire Extinguisher 10 Kg. Capacity (abc) Complete with All Fittings, Fire Extinguisher Cylender, First-aid Box with All Equipments, Flag Rope (cotton), Flush Cock (corsa), Flask (milton) Thermo Steel Carafe -1500, Flask (milton) Thermo Steel Carafe -1000, Flask (borosil) Thermo Steel Carafe-1000, Flask (borosil) Thermo Steel Carafe-750, Floor Tiels ( Best Quality), Floor Tiles ( Vetrified) New Suppling and Fitting
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 47337797
Closing Date 08 - Feb - 2022  |  478 Days ago View Tender Details
Auction sale of miscellaneous items, equipment, m/equipment, misc, tentage, bkf, eic & sec./eqpt. store, gia, bwf, canteen store, gos & sos mess private property items, mt parts, tyre/tube/flap, tarpaulin, ground sheet, pressure cooker 22 ltr, sand bag, daw make tata blade size-13" handle wooden 5" with cover, trampoline for cook house, electric weighting scale platform, of class iii, 100kg-20gm mm x450 mm, fiber glass helmet, allu. folding chamcha, water storage tank 200 ltr cap, evaporative air cooler, plastic body, evaporative air cooler, steel body, morcha net nylon, size 10 x10., water cooler 150/180 ltr cap, equipment camouflage net (jute), size-5.5x4 mm hole size-50 mm square, flower cent tube light fitting celing, suspension box typ , electronic blast 40 watt, syntax - 500 ltr cap, nobac ultra voilet water flow, ltrs/min 3 disinfection system, spade with handle (phawara ), fire extinguishers dcp dry powder, cartridge type 10 kg , cap, shovel with handle (belcha ), water proof khaki small, bigul cord, crp color, convex mirror, tea container thermos 15 ltr.cap, degcha body aluminum 8'' 280 mm, degcha body aluminum 9'' 230 mm, degcha body aluminum 10'' 255 mm, degcha body aluminum 11'' 280 mm, degcha body aluminum 13'', degcha with lid aluminum 9'', degcha with lid aluminum 11'', servo motor operated live voltage correctors suitable for phase voltage range 120 to 280 volts single phase rated kva 3.15 kv, ups battery exide, punched type concertina coil, cover water proof range of area cover 50 sqr mtr(342 sqr mtr), lashing rope for cover water proof rs.4.62/per mtr (01 no=50mtr), eyelets for cover water proof 28 in one rs.0.42 each, parat aluminum large 1143 mm, parat aluminum midium 610 mm, parat aluminum small 45 mm, katora aluminum mk-ii, tawa iron small, led tv 32’’ samsung, hand cup with chain, colour id telephone, g.m cord less calling bell, arri 48" with grapper, bigul brass, pressure cooker 12 ltr, pick axe with handle, crpf flag, steel barbed wire in kg, net camouflage head dress mk-ii, water proof khaki big/small, water proof with cap polyster, water proof head, tea container thermos 10/15 ltrs, helmet combat fiber glass og colour, net comoflage head dress mk-ii, equipment camouflage net (jute), morcha net good quaility 10x10, cover water proof range of area cover 50 sqr mtr, eye lets cover water proof, punched type concerteena ia as for specification, evaportative air coolar steel body, sand bag, water storage 1000 ltr (sintex), water storage 500 ltr (sintex), tarpoline for cook house, ground sheet light weight, room heater single rod, water multi purpose rain pouncho with convertibility as bivouac, tawa iron small, nobal ultra violet water flow ltr/min and istinffication system, lasing rope, flower cent tube light fitting celing suspension box type, sand bag, cover water proof range of area cover 50 sqr mtr, plastic body evaprotive air cooler, flexaible cooper wire size 1mm, flexaible cooper wire size 1.5 mm, drinking water cooler, convex mirror, parat medium, pick axe, shovel with handle, spade with handle (phawara), khukri with handle blade size-10 “ with cover, pressure cooker cap. 22 ltrs, isi marked portable fire extingusher dry powder capacity 10 kg, fly catcher fitted ss with tubes, multi purpose light load bearing frame with convertibility stretcher, tube light frame, tube light fiting frame double rod, tube light frame fited with chock, hpsv lamp 250 watt/400 watt isi marked, pugri voil royal blue clours 5 mtrs length rs-290/- (for spl guard items), pugri kulaha blue with zari embroidery rs.125/- (for spl guard items), pugri patti with golden zari rs.75/- (for spl guard items), pugri jhallar 2 finger fold with zari strips rs.75/- (for spl guard items), pugri turraha cotton with bukram rs.125/- (for spl guard items), pugri badge crpf valvet cloth zari embroided rs.35/- (for spl guard items), neck carf with crpf crest embroided rs.115/- (for spl guard items), title shoulder crpf colours zari lining rs.45/- (for spl guard items), rank set head conteble zari valvet cloth rs.45/- (for spl guard items), crpf for mation sign zari embroided rs.45/- (for spl guard items), bayonet frog white leater rs.60/- (for spl guard items), pouches white leater rs.65/- (for spl guard items), kamarbandh with pallu 5"with strong bukram support rs.175/- (for spl guard items), belt leather white with buckkle rs.210/- (for spl guard items), spad white raxine strong bukram support rs.225/-(for spl guard items), dress cord rs.150/- (for spl guard items), red arm arc crpf rs.90/- (for spl guard items), hand gloves white rs.80/- (for spl guard items), lawn grass cutter machine, blade grass cutting machine, power cable with adopter, stretcher forambulance (light weight,, foldable ,(made of fibre/ canvas), bowl s.s, digital b.p. instrument, enema can with tubing, sputum mug, sputum mug, blanket red, mosquitoes net, glucometer, sterilizer -12”, splint kit (made of aluminum) tynor-male, digital thermometer, revolving
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