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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 60190607
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2023  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Base and Depot spares for HVAC System for P17A (MDL-04 ships and GRSE-03 ships #*. Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø233-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 198x240, ShockMount-L18-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0370-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, ShockMount-L27-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-550-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø322-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 267x318-, ShockMount-L45-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0075-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø600-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0220-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø800-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0550-SMK-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø736-HVAC-P17A, ShockMount-L70-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1100-SMK-DE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0075-SMK-DE-NDEV-, ShockMount-L115-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1100-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1500-SMK-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø660-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0370-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing 0550-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0075-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-1500-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø430-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing AX-0055-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø286-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 236x282-, ShockMount - L10-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0150-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0110-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø240-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 204x235-, Motor bearing CF-0018-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø140-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 127x148-, Motor bearing CF-0075-2S-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø342-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 282x333-, Motor bearing CF-0220-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø220-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 181x220-, Motor bearing CF-0075-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Motor bearing CF-0110-2S-DE-NDE-, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 129x150-, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø200-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 168x200-, Motor bearing CF-0055-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Circular Ø133-HVAC-P17A, Flexible Sleeve Rectangular 112x130-, Motor bearing CF-0037-DE-NDE-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø100-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø150-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø200-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø250-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø300-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit- Ø350-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø400-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø550-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit -Ø100-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-05 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat Limit Switch Harness FSD-1001-05, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø150-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-10 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP Limit Switch HarnessFSD1001-10, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø200-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø250-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-20 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSwitch HarnessFSD1001-20, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø300-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø350-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-40 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSwitch HarnessFSD-1001-40, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø400-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø450-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-1001-60 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSwitch HarnessFSD-1001-60, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø500-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-SD-3001-08-WG-40-HVAC-P17A, Actuator SP - Limit Switch Harness, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø600-HVAC-P17A, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø700-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-SD-3000-10-WG-60 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP Limit Sw HarnessSD-3000-10WG60, Valve Gasket Spare Kit - Ø800-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-SD-3000-20-WG-60 -HVAC-P17A, Actuat SP LimitSw HarnessSD3000-20WG60, Dust filter G4 - 200x200-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 300x250-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 300x300-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 400x400-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 500x500-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 600x600-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 650x650-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 700x700-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 800x800-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 900x900-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 1000x1000-HVAC-P17A, Dust filter G4 - 1300x1000-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 350x350-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 400x400-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 500x400-HVAC-P17A, Odour filter - 500x500-HVAC-P17A, Hepa Filter PART 3-HVAC-P17A, Hepa Filter PART 2-HVAC-P17A, Hepa Filter PART 1-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 200X200-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 250X200-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 300X200-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper 350X250-HVAC-P17A, Control Damper ACTUATOR-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 400X300-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 400X350-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 600X250-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 600X350-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 750X500-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 1000X500-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper 1000X600-HVAC-P17A, Smoke Damper ACTUATOR-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 150X100-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 150X150-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 150X350-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 200X150-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 200X200-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 250X200-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 300X250-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 350X250-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 500X250-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper 600X350-HVAC-P17A, Fire Damper ACTUATOR-HVAC-P17A, ELECTRICAL FUSE LINK-HVAC-P17A, Actuator-FSD-100
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.75 Lakh approx.
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 60034036
Closing Date 06 - Jun - 2023  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Estimate for Renovation of Deteriorated Transformer Earthig and providing Chemical Earthing for affected 08 No. DT installed at different location under Ganj Zone of City Central Dn. . 76-028-5160-23-0006 dt. 03.05.23. R60028230031.
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 59616109
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale Of Demolition, Dismantling & Disposal Of Decommissioned Unit No. 1 (1x60 Mw), Including Disposal Of Remaining Items Of Decommissioned Of Unit 3 & 4, Main Turbine With Turbine Auxiliaries, Main Turbine (unit-1), Turbine Governing System (aux. Governor, Main Governor, Load Limit Control V/V), Control V/V (throttle V/V, Governor V/V, Interceptor V/V, Nrv, Servo Motors) Internals, Control V/V (throttle V/V, Governor V/V, Interceptor V/V, Nrv, Servo Motors) Externals, Drip Pump, Seal Oil Pump (ac), Vacuum Pump, Lube Oil Trans. Pump, Lube Oil Bypass Pp, Unit Browser Vapor Extractor, Mot &brg Loop Seal Vapor Extractor, Lube Oil Cooler & Accessories, Unit Browser Tank, Starting Ejector, Main Ejector, Gland Steam Exhauster, H2 Dryer, Gen. H2 Cooler, Cw Disc. V/V Power Pack, Valves: 42”(Butterfly) (condenser I/L Or O/L ), Valves: 10” (hp V/V: Hph #1 Feed Water I/L,O/L, Bypass Valve, Lp V/V: Cep Suction V/V), Valves: 8” (bfp Suc., Cep Disc., Cep Disc Nrv, Gs Ejector Condensate. Water I/L V/V), Valves: 6” (hp V/V: Bfp Disc., Bfp Disc. Nrv, Hph Extr. I/L V/V, Hph Extr. Nrv, Lp V/V: D/A Controller, D/A I/L, D/A O/L, D/A Bypass,, Mot Cooler I/L, Mot Cooler O/L, Ejector Air Off Take), Valves: 4” (gate V/V & Globe V/V), Valves: 3”, Valves: 2-1/2”, Valves: 2” (lp V/V- 5 & Hp V/V- 5), Valves: 1” (lp V/V- 5 & Hp V/V- 5), Valves: ¾”, Valves: ½”, Feed Water Pipe Line, Steam Pipe Line, Condensate Pipe Line, Lube Oil Pipe Line, Insulation & Cladding, Miscellaneous Items, Bfp Gearbox, H2 Lacto Dryer, Dump Controller, Cep R/C Controller, Ctp Controller, Gravity Make Up Controller, Condenser Backwash V/V With Actuator, Lp Heater-4 To 5 Drip Controller, Lp Heater- 5 Drip Controller, Condenser With Auxiliaries, Feed Water Heaters & Deaerators, Hp Heater #1, Hp Heater #2, Lp Heater #3, Lp Heater #4, Deaerator, Boiler Feed Water System, Boiler Feed Pump, Boiler Feed Lube Oil System (mot,aop,mop), Condensate Pump, Boiler Including Civil Structure, El-76 Pulverizer / Coal Mill Body, Yoke, Top Bearing Plate, Gear Box Casing, Driven Shaft Assembly With Bearings, Driving Shaft Assembly With Bearings, External Lube Oil Pump, Grinding Ring Set, Coal Feeder Body, Coal Feeder Carriage Assembly, Pa Fan Casing, Pa Fan Runner Assembly, Pa Fan Gear Box, Pa Fan Journal Bearing With Housing, Seal Air Fan, Id Fan Casing, Id Fan Runner Assembly, Id Fan Journal Bearing With Housing Without Brg, Fd Fan Casing, Fd Fan Runner Assembly, Fd Fan Journal Bearing Housing Without Brg, Boiler Pressure Parts, Drum Internals, Ducts, Insulations & Cladding, Pa Fan Bearing Cooling Water System, Miscellaneous Items, Fuel Nozzle, Air Register, Impeller Barrel Assembly, Igniter Housing Assembly, Boiler High Pressure Valve (except The Following Item Sl No From 15.1 To 15.12), Manual Hammer Valve, Size: 6”, Full Cap & Half Cap Isolating Valve, Size: 6”, Half Cap Control V/V, Size: 4”, Attemperation Control V/V, Reheater Control V/V And Re-Heat Shut-Off Valve, Attemperation Station Manual Isolating Valve, Drum Safety Valve, Size: 3”, Main Steam Safety Valve, Size: 2”, Attemperation Hammer Isolating Valve At Pent House, Atomizing Station Control Valve, Main Steam Stop V/V (boiler Side), Boiler Steel Structure, Boiler Civil Structure, Steel Fabricated Chimney, Generator, 105mva Generator(Excluding Exciter & Exciter Gear Box Assembly), Electrical Equipments Inside The Power House, Boiler Feed Pump Motor (w. House), Id Fan Motor (w. House), Fd Fan Motor (w. House), Cw Pump Motor (w. House), Pa Fan Motor (250 Hp, W. House), Mill Motor (w. House), Bcw Pump Motor W. House, Ce Pump Motor (w. House), Coal Feeder Motor (abb Make With Vfd Drive), Bfp Aop Motor (w. House), Mill External Aop Motor (w. House), Gland Seal Extractor Motor (w. House), Mcc Panel (approx. 9/10 No. Modules In Each Panel With Mccb Rating 15 A To 200 A), Air Circuit Breaker, 600 A, 415 V, Westinghouse Make, Db 254 (mill/cep Bkr-3, Bcw Pp Bkr-2, Mcc I/C Bkr.-3, Air Circuit Breaker, 1200 A, 3 Kv, Westinghouse Make, Turbine Oil Bypass Pump Motor, Ash Crusher Motor (10 H.P., Abb Make With Gear Less Vfd Drive Control), Condenser Back Wash V/V Motor With Actuator, Traveling Water Screen Motor, Control & Instrumentation, Filed Instruments And Local Controllers’ System As Is Where Is Basis, Other Accessories Of C & I, Ahp Pipelines Will All Accessories, Ash Conveying Line, Bottom Ash Hopper Except Crusher Assembly And Gate Valve, Hydro Vector Tower With All Accessories, Pipes, Joints Etc Except Nozzle Assembly & Valves, Air Pre Heater Hopper Along With Structure, Surge Hopper Except Diffuser Feeder & Nova Accessories, Electro Static Precipitator, High Voltage Transformer Rectifier Set Of Esps, Emitting Motor With Gearbox Of Esp, Collecting Rapping Motor With Gear Box Of Esp, Hopper Level Probe & Controller, Heating Element (hopper, Support & Shaft) Of Esp, Support Insulator & Shaft Insulator Of Esp, Field Support Rod Of Esp, Isolator Box (change Over), Entire Civil Structure Of Esp, Gd Screen Of Esp, Hanger
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttarakhand Tenders Ref.No 59965625
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Erection/installation of Chemical Earthing of Different Transformers 500/250/100/63 Kva Under 33/11 Kv S/s Pantnagar Under Electricity Distribution Sub Division, Kichha
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal Tenders Ref.No 59969280
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Erection/installation of Chemical Earthing of Different Transformers 500/250/100/63 Kva Under 33/11 Kv S/s Kichha Under Electricity Distribution Sub Division, Kichha
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3.91 Lakh approx.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 59706915
Closing Date 02 - Jun - 2023  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing of Welfare Item Ball Pen. #*. Supply of Different Types of Fasteners for Workshop Department at Kltps. #*. Supply of Various Miscellaneous Items, Silica Gel Breather for Transformer, 8" Knife Gate Valve Assembly W/o Actuctor, Apcolite Synthetic Enemel Cascade Green Paint, Thinner, Bitiminus Black Paint, Red Oxide, Impact Wrench Power/battery Operated, etc at Wtp, Kltps. #*. Supply of High Speed Oil Centrifuge for Chemical Laboratory at Gsecl Kltps. #*. Supply of Spares for Systronics Make Instruments for Chemical Laboratory at Gsecl Kltps. #*. Supply of Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Chemical Laboratory at Gsecl Kltps. #*. Supply of Various Sizes of Rubber Gasket for Tmd, Kltps. #*. Supply of Single Stage Submersible Pump for Tmd at Kltps. #*. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of the Complete Centrifugal Air Blower Assembly with Motor &supply of Centrifugal Type Dilute Caustic R.c Pump- Motor Set for Absorption System of Chlorination Plant at Wtp, Kltps.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5 Lakh
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 60378645
Closing Date 02 - Jun - 2023  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Installation of Chemical Neutral Earthing at Various Transformer Center Through Outsourced Agency for Existing DGVCL Network at Various Location Under Sdn Under Dn.
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