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Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5 Lakh
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 50629031
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Empanelment of agency for chemical testing of foodgrain ricewheatpulses other foodgrains samples
Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 50507046
Closing Date 06 - Jul - 2022  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual contract of supply of food products, groceries - pulses, spices, dry fruits, atta & maida, groceries, vegetables, fresh noodles, fruits, english vegetables, processed veg, meat, fresh pork cuts, sea food, poultry, eggs, milk and dairy products, indian sweets, bread, chappathi, imported groceries, bakery items, fresh cheese, tofu & soya chaap, live counter- chat items, local canned products, non-food products, charcoal, kitchen and housekeeping general supplies, office stationery, packaging & disposable products, cleaning chemical, rock salt, crockery, cutlery, glassware, hiring services, odc vehicles, audio- visual equipments for the period of 12 months from 01/08/2022 to 31/08/2023. #Gujarati
Sector Hotels and Restaurants Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 50524665
Closing Date 06 - Jul - 2022  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of indian fruit, indian vegetables, english vegetables, english fruit, noodles, frozen peas & sweets corn, dairy products, fresh chicken, fresh mutton, fresh fish, eggs, bread & cookies, kulfi, indian, sweets & snacks, frozen prawns, ice blocks/ ice cubes, dry fruit, pluses, whole spices, mrp based miscellaneous provision, south indian, cheese, imported provision, catering, bakery, ingredients, office stationery, general consumables, frozen puree, mukhwash, candle, industrial salt, chemical charcoal & firewood, gel fuel & staff shoes.
Sector Dairy Products Tenders Tender Value Rs. 93 Million / 9.30 Crore
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 50248588
Closing Date 05 - Jul - 2022  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of CHR/Hansen/danisco/DSM freeze dried lactobacillus helveticus culture, DVS cheddar cheese culture, Mozzarella cheese culture, DVS culture, 2) Design, supply, installation, erection, testing & commissioning of 20 KLPH homogenizer with accessories & allied equipment on turnkey basis, 3) Supply of Advertising material, board, sun board with vinyl sticker, cover, canteen grocery item, CIP chemical, divos, 4) Biannual maintenance work for transformer oil filtration and breaker calibration installed at dairy and chilling 06 centre, 5) Supply of cow rubber mat, 6) Supply installation of 01 HP motor milking machine accessories.
Sector Coal and Lignite Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50506710
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Sale of un serviceable, damaged goods, acetylene gas cylinder, air conditioner, air oven (elec.) 18"xl8"xl8" modern egg., hotair oven (elec.) size 300mx200mx300m yorco make thermo statical controlled cat. no.yho/197, air oven (elec.), air oven elec. york make 900mmx605mmx 158mm, air oven elec., atomic absorption spectrometer (zeis), atomic varion absorption spectrometer, 10/20, 10bq (australian), aluminium trough (decchi), ammeter, ac/dc 30-65 amp, balance , single pan ke-roy make electrical, balance chemical balance glass case model no. 12, balance k roy balance mono pan capacity loogm, balance air damp with short triangular beam & circular arragement model no. 1-c, balance (counter pan), balance (air damp) type model no.-l-c (chainometric double pan), balance (chemical balance) k. roy model-7 chainometric, balance mono (single pan) bulanec k-ray (elec.), balance mono (single pan) bulanec k-ray (elec.), balance single pan (elec.) model wp-33 poland make, with wt. box, balance gold assay (elec.) dhona make, dhona-da-10, balance chemical balance model no.k-5, capacity-200gm, balance chemical balance model no.k-5, capacity-200gm, 3alance single pan (elec.) k-7, balance single pan (elec.) model no.m-5 ke roy, balance mono pan k-ray capacity-loogm, balance electric analytical micro process baqlance anamed make model-fab-2200, si. no.900057, balance micro process balance anamed make model- -ab-2200 si. no.-90062, balance electric analytical micro process balance anamed make model-fab-2200 si. no.-900063, balance -rough weighing balance capacity-2 kg, balance single pan balance (elec.) k-roy 100 gm capacity model no.m.5 sensitivity-0.5gm, balance single pan balance (elec.) dhona make capacity- loogm sensitivity-0. igm model no.da-100, balance counter pan weigning machine 2 kg capacity, balance spring balance 100kg capacity, balance weighing machine platform type capacity-50kg to 100ke, balance type saler balance dial type capacity-10kg, balance top pan balance k. roy capacity-looogm, model-1- ktp 1000 (super), balance top pan (elec.) atco digital 2 kg. capacity, burette clamp , iron, burette clamp (double) fisher type, burette clamp (single), cal gas sotve, canteen stove, cal gas sotve, double burner, cal gas stove (delux double burner) calssic, calculator, enamelled mug, enamel mug, enamel bucket, enamelled bucket, enamelled buckets with lids (small), enamelled buckets without lids, enamelled bucket 7 lit. capacity (25cm) with lids, enamelled bucket, enamelled bucket with lid, fibre tape, i00730mtr., fibre tape, 50715 mtr., filtration stand (wooden double), fume cup boai'd-4’x2'x6.5’ lt., furnace-muffle furnace with pyrometer, furance crucible furance, furance 0 kay ht furance platform model, furance-0 kay muffle furnace, furance-0 kay muffle furnace bench model, g.i. bucket 14" size ( monkey), g.i. dram round capacity 100 ltr., g.i. dram round capacity 200 ltr., dand centrifuge with 2 tubs, hot air oven, electrical, hot air oven, hot plate with 3 heat rotary switch, hot plate, iron morter, ice box, jarkin , 20 ltr. capacity, lock & key ( 5 liver), liquider with grinder, magesntic strirer, platinum tip tong, refractory plug, stainless steel tape, test tube brush, test tube holder (wooden handle), test tube stand, theromo flask / vaccum flask, tripod stand, water bath 36 cm x 25 cm, wall clock, water filter, wire guage, plain asbestors centre, syntex water reservior 500 itr. capacity, anvil hammer big size, anvil hammer medium size, anvil hammer small size, analytical fractional weight box, auto clave 50x30 cm with stell boiler, balance (sailer spring 10kg capacity), balance pan - big & small, belcha, bunsen burner, bunsen burner -electrical, bench vice 10 kg wt., camical balance double pan, cast iron boulds, cement injection 10 kg capacitor, communicator 4 way plug type, constituent counter york make, conductivity bridge - electromeat, cone ponetrometer liquid limit devied, copper flask, colour dish - ammnia, colour dish -chlorini, clamp, crober (sabal) -5' length, cooling incubator, distillation - plant steel body electrical, disolved oxygen meter without electrode systronic made, double pan physical balance, energy meter or electric meter, electric stirrer (remi), electromatic sepaarter, energy regulator -sunvice, filter pump (superfit), fire extinguisher (empty), g.i. tray - 3,x2'x4", graphite crucible - 18"x18"x4", grease gun, gas cromatograph -model qc+dfdtp, gas flow meter (york make), generator-sriram honda egk-2000, glass electrode for ph meter, glass cutting pencil (diamond pointed), h.t. siliminite tube for ok furnace, hydrometer, h.p. industrial oxygen gas cylinder, iron crucible-50 ml, iron ring for fusion (retort ring), incubator - 60cmx60cmx60cm, inden gas cylinder, kateri with wooden handle, liquider with grinder, lovibond comparater, magnetic stirrer, mober magnesia, m.p.e jaw for jaw crusher, mono block suction tulu pump (water pump) 0.5 hp, metal wineed tap -30 mtr. / 100 fut., micro polishing
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 50507024
Closing Date 30 - Jun - 2022  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply of dietary and miscellaneous articles, rice, musur dal, sugar, mustard oil, jeera, haldi, posto, mudi, dry chilly, salt, soyabean, panchforon, jelly, chanachur, biscuit, garam masala, gota motor, bleaching powder, chemical gul, cowdung cake, loaf, banana, rosogolla, dalpuri, potato, cake, patis, bodi, safety matches, lifeboy soap, chira badam bhaja.
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 47337797
Closing Date 08 - Feb - 2022  |  142 Days ago View Tender Details
Auction sale of miscellaneous items, equipment, m/equipment, misc, tentage, bkf, eic & sec./eqpt. store, gia, bwf, canteen store, gos & sos mess private property items, mt parts, tyre/tube/flap, tarpaulin, ground sheet, pressure cooker 22 ltr, sand bag, daw make tata blade size-13" handle wooden 5" with cover, trampoline for cook house, electric weighting scale platform, of class iii, 100kg-20gm mm x450 mm, fiber glass helmet, allu. folding chamcha, water storage tank 200 ltr cap, evaporative air cooler, plastic body, evaporative air cooler, steel body, morcha net nylon, size 10 x10., water cooler 150/180 ltr cap, equipment camouflage net (jute), size-5.5x4 mm hole size-50 mm square, flower cent tube light fitting celing, suspension box typ , electronic blast 40 watt, syntax - 500 ltr cap, nobac ultra voilet water flow, ltrs/min 3 disinfection system, spade with handle (phawara ), fire extinguishers dcp dry powder, cartridge type 10 kg , cap, shovel with handle (belcha ), water proof khaki small, bigul cord, crp color, convex mirror, tea container thermos 15 ltr.cap, degcha body aluminum 8'' 280 mm, degcha body aluminum 9'' 230 mm, degcha body aluminum 10'' 255 mm, degcha body aluminum 11'' 280 mm, degcha body aluminum 13'', degcha with lid aluminum 9'', degcha with lid aluminum 11'', servo motor operated live voltage correctors suitable for phase voltage range 120 to 280 volts single phase rated kva 3.15 kv, ups battery exide, punched type concertina coil, cover water proof range of area cover 50 sqr mtr(342 sqr mtr), lashing rope for cover water proof rs.4.62/per mtr (01 no=50mtr), eyelets for cover water proof 28 in one rs.0.42 each, parat aluminum large 1143 mm, parat aluminum midium 610 mm, parat aluminum small 45 mm, katora aluminum mk-ii, tawa iron small, led tv 32’’ samsung, hand cup with chain, colour id telephone, g.m cord less calling bell, arri 48" with grapper, bigul brass, pressure cooker 12 ltr, pick axe with handle, crpf flag, steel barbed wire in kg, net camouflage head dress mk-ii, water proof khaki big/small, water proof with cap polyster, water proof head, tea container thermos 10/15 ltrs, helmet combat fiber glass og colour, net comoflage head dress mk-ii, equipment camouflage net (jute), morcha net good quaility 10x10, cover water proof range of area cover 50 sqr mtr, eye lets cover water proof, punched type concerteena ia as for specification, evaportative air coolar steel body, sand bag, water storage 1000 ltr (sintex), water storage 500 ltr (sintex), tarpoline for cook house, ground sheet light weight, room heater single rod, water multi purpose rain pouncho with convertibility as bivouac, tawa iron small, nobal ultra violet water flow ltr/min and istinffication system, lasing rope, flower cent tube light fitting celing suspension box type, sand bag, cover water proof range of area cover 50 sqr mtr, plastic body evaprotive air cooler, flexaible cooper wire size 1mm, flexaible cooper wire size 1.5 mm, drinking water cooler, convex mirror, parat medium, pick axe, shovel with handle, spade with handle (phawara), khukri with handle blade size-10 “ with cover, pressure cooker cap. 22 ltrs, isi marked portable fire extingusher dry powder capacity 10 kg, fly catcher fitted ss with tubes, multi purpose light load bearing frame with convertibility stretcher, tube light frame, tube light fiting frame double rod, tube light frame fited with chock, hpsv lamp 250 watt/400 watt isi marked, pugri voil royal blue clours 5 mtrs length rs-290/- (for spl guard items), pugri kulaha blue with zari embroidery rs.125/- (for spl guard items), pugri patti with golden zari rs.75/- (for spl guard items), pugri jhallar 2 finger fold with zari strips rs.75/- (for spl guard items), pugri turraha cotton with bukram rs.125/- (for spl guard items), pugri badge crpf valvet cloth zari embroided rs.35/- (for spl guard items), neck carf with crpf crest embroided rs.115/- (for spl guard items), title shoulder crpf colours zari lining rs.45/- (for spl guard items), rank set head conteble zari valvet cloth rs.45/- (for spl guard items), crpf for mation sign zari embroided rs.45/- (for spl guard items), bayonet frog white leater rs.60/- (for spl guard items), pouches white leater rs.65/- (for spl guard items), kamarbandh with pallu 5"with strong bukram support rs.175/- (for spl guard items), belt leather white with buckkle rs.210/- (for spl guard items), spad white raxine strong bukram support rs.225/-(for spl guard items), dress cord rs.150/- (for spl guard items), red arm arc crpf rs.90/- (for spl guard items), hand gloves white rs.80/- (for spl guard items), lawn grass cutter machine, blade grass cutting machine, power cable with adopter, stretcher forambulance (light weight,, foldable ,(made of fibre/ canvas), bowl s.s, digital b.p. instrument, enema can with tubing, sputum mug, sputum mug, blanket red, mosquitoes net, glucometer, sterilizer -12”, splint kit (made of aluminum) tynor-male, digital thermometer, revolving
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