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Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 51951502
Closing Date 31 - Aug - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Job work - roller reshelling, balancing, boiler ibr work, chemical cleaning, valve repairing, boiler refractory work, m.s. fabricated pipe & pipe erection. #*. overhauling weigh bridge, air compressor, d.m. plant, acfc, d.c. motor, d.c. drive, plc system, water imbibitions, distillery plc & field instrument. all turbine vfd, plc, kec, ifc panel, prd system work, turbine reblading work, gunmetal material, remolding/recasting, lagging rubber belt, jointing, motor/rotor/stator rewinding overhauling mill realignment job work, hydraulic cap servicing. #*. providing of goods/spares/chemical - boiler tube cleaning equipments, boiler & chemical paint, iron & steel, trash & scraper plate, chain & chain spares, m.s. fab, rake, slale, cane cutting knives, hammers, tips, sprocket pinion, m.s. & special welding rods & welding material, work shop tools, m.s., g.i, s.s. & c.i. pipes & pipe fittings, mechanical seals, all turbine spares, acb avr, plc, vfd panel, kec iec motor spares, c.i., c.s., g.m. ibr & fab valves, bearing, kirloskar, mather platt, gita, max. ebera, ksb pump spares, i.r., kirloskar chicago compressor spares, elecon, radicon, alride, cyclo, gear box & spares, acfc mass flow drum level water imbibition system spares, packing jointing, rubber goods, rubber belt conveyor belt, hardware material, nut bolts & special nut bolts, hydro lick puller, oxygen - acetylene gas, couplings, s.s. tubes, krup., nhec c/f spares, nickel, brass, s.s. screens & wire netting, heavy & process, lab chemical & apparatus, hdpe tarpoline, engg. & agril. wire ropes, bamboo mats, bamboo, plastic tent & knives, spares & tyre, tube for bullock cart, hose pipes, oils & lubricant special grease, siemens, l & t, material, cable & Capacitor, m.s., pvc binding wire silo spares, lighting material, distillery chemicals, wire cable, Capacitor, cooling water, boiler water, d.m. plant treatment chemical, distillery & bio-compost chemical, m.s./ p.v.c. binding wire all type of gauges and gauge glass.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 6.58 Million approx. / 65.88 Lakh approx.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 52127111
Closing Date 31 - Aug - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of burette , pipette , conical titration flask , glazed tile , beaker , watch glass , volumetric flask , funnel , burette stand , chemical balance , weight box , dessicator , heating oven , thermometer non clinical , copper voltmeter , ph meter , pair of tongs , rheostat , spatula , wash bottle , dropper , stirring glass rod , magnetic stirrer , measuring cylinder graduated 10 ml , measuring cylinder graduated 5 ml , magnetic bar , china dish , wire gauge , conductometer ph conductivity meter apparatus complete , electronic balance , ammeter , voltmeter , redwood viscometer , water bath , petridishes , kohlrausch flask , stop watch , electrolytic tank , pair of tongs , hot air heating oven , cu and ni strips , silica crucible , vaccum flask , buchner funnel , glass rod , conical flask , heating bath , abels flash point apparatus complete with heating element autotransformer or rheostat , heat enclosed design electric furnace with rotating knob to set the heating temperature , heat resistant gloves , muffle furnace , crucible , porcelain crucible , borosilicate test tubes , fusion tubes , test tube holders with wooden handle , bunsen burner , laboratory spirit lamp metal body with tripod stand , burrette , titration flask , screw gauge , digital vernier calliper , solid and hollow cylinder , spherometer complete apparatus , gravesands apparatus,slotted weights and pullies , simple pendulum experiment setup kit , pocket stop watch , sonometer complete apparatus with tuning fork , resonance tube apparatus and plump line complete with all accessories , apparatus to determine the mi of a fly wheel about its axis of rotation. , capillary tube , travelling microscope , fortins barometer , viscosity apparatus stokes method with glass tube complete , gumbers apparatus for measuring the coefficient of linear expansion of a metal rod , complete apparatus to find out the focal length of convex lens by displacement method , astronomical telescope , study kit of conversion of galvanometer to ammeter complete , study kit of conversion of galvanometer to voltmeter complete , ohms law verification kit for plotting the v-i characteristics , kits to verify the series and parallel connected resistances laws of resistances , resistance box , shunt resistances , wheat stone bridge apparatus for measuring very low and very high resistance complete apparatus , experimental kit to draw the characteristics of pn junction diode and to determine knee and breakdown voltage , milliammeter and microammeter , Capacitor , he ne laser source , microscope boq title group b physics chemistry
Qty : 8583

Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 52206781
Closing Date 30 - Aug - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of ibr valves, c.l valves, boiler soot blower spares., pneum-atic control clamps & spares for chute of sugar grader pump & pump spares, electrical materials-, electromagnetic water flow meter -, dm plant material/spares, black polythene sheet, lab chemicals & apparatus ., remi maker air stroker for boiler furnace, other mill material, civil material, civil contract jobs, electrical contract jobs., amc for ocems, contract for operation & maintenance of etp & apcd., dm plant repair & servicing, other contract jobs, repair of cl sluice valve,, fabrication & erection job, balancing of machinery parts, cast steel ibr high pressure globe valve with flange, ends ( stop valve ) class 300 trim 8., glass lined cast iron soundrus valve suitable for so2 gas line duly drilled,, flange to flange distance 16"., size - 5"., rubber diaphragm for glass lined soundrus valve (6")., sg 008/01 valve body, sg 008/02 valve seat & set valve integral, sg 008/03 valve actuating mechanism, sg 008/04 limit switch, sg 008/05 trigger, sg 008/06 trolley cs with wheel box, sg 008/07 roller front, sg 008/08 gear box double reduction, 5g 008/09 ms sprocket big, sg 008/10 ms sprocket small, sg 0o8^l chain, sg 008n2 chain tightener, sg 008/13 gun metal gear helical, sg 0o8n4 ms gear helical, sg 008/15 ldler, sg 008/16 square housing, sg 008/17 valve actual spring, sg 0o8n8 element, sg m8/19 feed pipe, sg m8/ 20 bearing complete set, sg m8/21 nozzles, vacuum pump, injection pump, magma pump, l&t make c power acb (s1) 3 pole manually operated draw, out tvpe with magnetic thermal dn 1 release, , 800amp mdo95332, l&t make c power acb (s1) 4 pole manually operated fixed, type with magnetic thermal dn 1 release, 630 amp mf/4 pole sl 95501, 800 amp mf/4 pole sl 95502, copper wire for crane unloader, copper wire for crane unloader power supply, c.l end covers, motors, switches., switch disconnected fuse unit in open execution, switch disconnected fuse unit in ss enclosure, ictp switch, t & t/ siemens/ skyu /havells make 3pole changeover switches, with side handle., t & t/ siemens/ skyu /havells make 4pole changeover switches, with side handle, jaw contact for 3 pole l&t make cncs (c) 4000 amp, acb (1988 model ) for draw out type acb to be, fitted at rear l/o terminals for isolating the, breaker from bus bar (no. of finger per contact 52), (6 pc 2 pc per phase), Schneider ll&t /epcos/malde/asian make power shu nt, Capacitor bank 25 kvar heavy duty square cap shunt Capacitor, for 3 phase 440 v ac /50h2 .supply for power factor correction, (resin filled ) double dielectric, l&t - heavy duty mpp, epcos -square cap tm, acb contacts, spares for l& t make acb type cncs ho 4000 amp-, breakins capacity 75 ka, main lsolating contacts, bus bar fitted adopter contacts for jaw contact, shutter assembly safely shutter for l & t acb 4000, amp cncs ho -75 ka, a.c sq. cage, pole, motor terminal plates, motor cooling fan, dg set battery, am -meter, ct, current transformer, cables., ruttonsha make power diodes for jyoti make 2 mw /440 v, brushless alternator, direct polarity 321 um 100 320 amp, reverse polarity 321 umr 100 320 amp, spare exciter poles for 50 volt dc /15 amp exciter of jyoti make, 2 mw /440 v brushless alternator, smc slipring unit for kirloskar make sllp ring motors, smc slipring unit for gec make slip ring motors, electromagnetic water flow meter with telemetry system complete, strainer, lnjector ( size - f%" i, rubber diaphragm valve ( size - 1%" ), rubber diaphragm valve 1", supply of resin for the cation unit, supply of resin for anion unit, black polythene sheet, lead sub acetate, ordinary filter paper, whatman filter paper sheet, ethyl alcohol, universal indicator solution, bromothylmol indicator solution, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorophonol , methyl , brix hydrometer, digital weighing scale, hellige comparator tube, glass measuring cylinder, thermometer, glass beaker, glass test tube., laboratory work for the crushing season 2o2z-23, , worm wheel for radicon gearbox of bagasse feeder, digital meters, voltmeters, ammeters, sugar bag handling trolley, stitching thread, c.g.l. sheets, g.l. sheets, h.r. sheets, acc sheets, steel hook, self drilling screw, snowcem, lime un-burnt, paint, primer, cement, sand, course aggregate, bricks, steel bar, steel binding wire.
Sector Sugar Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 51845897
Closing Date 18 - Aug - 2022  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply ibr valves, tool & tackles, ci/cs casting, rubber goods, firewood, machinery spare, tube expander, glasswool insulation, boiler & dm plant chemical, water flow meter, electrical goods, lighting material, electrical material, instrument material, winding material, power Capacitor 2skvar, control avr card, acb1000 amp, computer pc/ cpu and ups, fire fighting equipments, cooling tower, high flow pump spares, flat canvas belt, buckley wooden strip, black polythene sheet, nickel screen, ss wire netting, brass liner & brass strips, ms screens, spray pond material, stitching thread rolls, lab apparatus & chemicals, repair and maintenance of bag printing machine, spare for centrifugal machine 32”x49” nhec make, spare for centrifuge machine, pump and pump spares & other mill material.
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